• I reported a driver for bumping a girls rear wheel at the lights, not sure if anything happens with this but it was an intentional and aggressive attack. Rider & bike seemed ok but I've reported time and location

  • Rolling south down Epping New Rd this morning, the worst bit between High Beech and Buckhurst Hill, and some utter utter **** in an X5 pulls out from a queue of traffic behind learner driver (going in the opposite direction), and overtakes the whole queue by driving straight at me on my side of the road.

    I was really scared as there was hardly any room at all, he was right over on my side of the road doing about 60mph. All happened too quickly to get reg unfortunately.

  • Was at the roundabout on the north circular yesterday, coming off Woodford New Road, and I heard a load of shouting, there was some guy about 4 cars back from the front that had got pissed off 'cause a cyclist had given him the finger after he changed lanes without looking.

    Cyclist -Definitely not the fighting type. Also think that he was flying by the chamois in his bibs by hoping that the motorist would be abiding by the rule - never punch anyone in the face that is wearing glasses.
    Motorist - Definitely the fighting type. When he went back to his car I was expecting it to be something big maybe a 4x4, was a polo.

  • I had similar at waterworks corner a few years back. Made an off hand comment to a driver who beeped at me, and then another driver decided they needed to get involved.

  • Glad you weren't hit. Don't know if you've seen this thread ...


    ... about the rubbish resurfacing there. I'm sure that exacerbates it.

    (I haven't actually been up there since so don't know if the section you're talking about was included, but the driving there has obviously been too fast since forever.)

  • Thanks; interesting thread.

    It does seem verging on scandalous that nothing has been done to make the road safer, when it is so heavily used by cyclists and others including horse riders and pedestrians.

  • that straight up sucks, but saying "fuck BMW drivers" is about as shitty as saying "fuck cyclists".

  • On behalf of BMW drivers I apologise?

  • Thread here if you want to post that there, too:


    (But please don't swear in it. :) )

  • Haha I thought that would stir up a response. But Christ that is the sort of incident I worry about - absolutely nothing at all you can do about it.

  • thanks, you are forgiven

  • Right I got one: one of worst road rage encounters I have had, punishment pass by a fucking huge van, then verbal abuse, physical threats, pulling over to fight me in front of loads of parents and kids on their way to primary school then chased down the road across a roundabout and into a car park where I cycled onto a shared pathway where the driver couldn't follow (delicious). No camera or registration but it was a liveried van of Cheltenham Property Maintenance.

    I was close passed, swerved towards, chased, tailgated and verbally physically threatened. I am in Gloucestershire and it happened this morning. I posted it on the Company's Facebook page and sent them an email, no response. Best way to approach it?

  • 3 Rye Avenue
    GL51 0QR

    sausage up.

  • Jesus, what a cunt, makes a change it’s not a Smiths lorry, they’re the ones who seem intent on trying to kill you round here..

  • Spike all the sites with comments that cunts like this post their business on. In the process of doing so now.

  • Well I have reported it to plod in great detail, at best they will contact them I suppose without cam evidence and even with it what are you gonna do with the courts the way they are. Best way to murder someone? 100% in a car and claim you didn't see them.

    Gotta get me some cameras

  • Instructions received. Sausages with extreme prejudice.

  • At the time I was juiced on adrenaline and defiant, thinking back I think the only reason I wasn't rammed was there was a lot of people around. I stayed out right so he couldn't squeeze me into the curb, which I have had before.

  • Glad you're OK and managed to escape. That sounds as if it could have had a very bad outcome.

  • Sadly with no camera they will do fuck all. That's why I got cameras. To be fair, they still do fuck all.


  • Phone hq make a formal complaint too

  • Are there any cctv cameras around where it happened? Could be worth going and asking in shops/offices to see if they have any. A car park may well have security cameras monitoring it.

  • Anyone with a twitter presence fancy naming and shaming a driver/company I've had the misfortune to bump into twice now, and might well again given their depot is about half a mile from my house?

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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