• Fucking idiot cops.

    Some cunt this morning on her phone, holding a credit card and presumably typing her CC number into the phone while driving down Uxbridge Road. I hoped she rear-ended the van that pulled out but alas no. I did get to yell at her to put the fucking phone down though.

  • Hopefully insurance companies will reduce premiums if people have inward facing cameras as well soon*. And hopefully in the future the car itself will detect people on their phones. Something needs to be done anyway.
    I did read recently that overall road deaths are declining but deaths of pedestrians, and presumably cyclists, is on the rise. In part put down to 'distractions' but also a rise in the use of 4x4s and the likes.

    *if they don't already.

  • Made it clear I wasn't moving from primary past one of Wightman Road's central islands, 'forcing' a driver to overtake me on the wrong side of it. They repeated the trick to pass another cyclist at the very next one. A minute later when I caught up to him in the inevitable queue of traffic they'd managed to stop bang across the middle of the crossing by Harringay station.

    I generally can't be arsed roadsafe-ing the odd incident if it doesn't cause me any danger but thought this was worth an exception. Got to work, discovered I hadn't started the front camera.

    Also annoyed about the other footage I didn't get. Slowed down approaching a zebra on Guilford St to let a woman cross, and started speeding up as she was out of the way. Only when she looked back over her shoulder did I spot the world's smallest dachsund bimbling across about 3m behind her, no lead. The look on her face suggested she didn't appreciate my comment that it should be wearing hi-vis, but the poor thing is gonna get squashed sooner or later.

  • Realised I'd have dog on the rear camera. It appeared much smaller when isolated in the middle of a crossing.

    Imagine the headlines if I'd hit the fucking thing.

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  • Hi viz and a tiny helmet, or at least be on a lead crossing roads unless it's a master of walking to heel.

  • overtake me on the wrong side

    Pretty standard behaviour in my experience, looking forward to finding out what kind of replacement cuntery those drivers come up with once the islands are removed.

  • why hasnt it got a flag?!

  • I wonder what's going to happen once the islands are removed and the parked cars are set up to form a slalom?

    The fact that most people still prefer Green Lanes shows how shitty Wightman Road currently is.

  • FFS. While they're at it, they should also prosecute him for failing to report his fellow cyclist RLJ'ers! "You lot!..." etc. etc.

  • Yet the Police will claim there isn’t enough evidence from one camera to prosecute a car driver.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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