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  • which is the better buy (for roadsafe but also insurance) - front or rear camera?

  • Probably less difference in the day but at night, I’m not sure you’d read a number plate from a rear camera which has headlights shining at it.
    You have a front white light which would illuminate a rear number plate of a passing car though. But then you could get hit from behind

  • Good point
    I'm wondering which I'm more wary of/ think happens more - cars and mopeds cutting in front of me or getting aggressive behind

  • I originally only had a rear one as I was more worried about what I couldn't see coming from behind. And I was also only really having problems from impatient idiots driving behind who took a dislike to me riding primary on occasion.
    Once I had the rear I was always thinking 'what if' something happened up front.
    Get both if possible.

  • Has anyone ever successfully roadsafed a black cab, or do they have some sort of diplomatic immunity?

    Had one veer across the road towards me and almost hit me tonight in Spitalfields:


    I was more surprised that after turning round and catching him up for a chat, he was completely oblivious to everything. He didn't remember seeing me at all (or my swearing), or even moving around the moped on his side of the road.

  • I think he was bullshitting you. Some cabbies just bully everyone out the way and play dumb. It's happened to me before.
    Or more worryingly he's just operating on absolute autopilot.
    They certainly don't have immunity but I can't see much coming of that via roadsafe.

  • Guess they don't have roadsafe over there.

  • On the waterloo roundabout last night I was hit by someone in a merc. I was coming across their right, and therefore he should have given way, except they did that thing that happens all the time on that roundabout which is to slowly edge out and expect cyclists to move into the other lane (I normally do but there was a bus steaming around at full pelt and I wasn't about to get in front of that). I slammed the breaks on and ended up stopped in front of them while they proceeded to keep edging out and then slowly crunch my back wheel - I don't even think it noticed me at all which is worrying. No harm to me or anything, and at the time I thought, none to my bike. I was more bemused than angry so said to the driver that they should give way to the right etc etc. But as I got to waterloo station I realised my back wheel was very fucked to the point it needs replacing. Stupidly I didn't get any details or anything...anything I can do? Or just take it as a learning experience?

  • Do you know which bus company the bus was part of?

  • Yeah @dirac, if you know which route the bus was you can work out who owns that route, email the bus company and make a subject access request for the CCTV footage containing you from the bus at the time of the incident. You should get a few angles if you were caught on a few of the cameras, you might then get a number plate so you can roadsafe the driver and submit the footage?

  • He nearly smudges him twice and both are potentially deadly. His reaction makes even more sense now.
    Those roads he's riding look pretty gnarly as well.

  • Thanks for the advice, I'll now look into the bus route. It was one of the RV ones (no idea what the numbering is)...The whole thing was bizarre to say the least.

  • "London Buses route RV1 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Covent Garden and Tower Gateway station, it is operated by Tower Transit"

  • That'd be the RV1

  • Uh, my favourite bus. Sad times.

  • Thanks for the responses everyone. Will get on to them now.

  • Yeah, I'd be pretty on edge cycling there I think. And agreed that the reaction is understandable - just surprised that the comments aren't your usual 'he's a cyclist he deserves what he gets' rubbish.

  • I think he was on autopilot and half asleep.

    I didn’t expect much to come of it either but I received a notification today that he’s been sent a notice of intended prosecution.

  • Ive just had a response from plod about footage submitted, saying they will be seeking to prosecute. Does anyone know the next steps (in summary)

  • Ive just had a response from plod about footage submitted, saying they will be seeking to prosecute. Does anyone know the next steps (in summary)

    Wait for ages and then get a letter saying that there wasn't enough evidence, in my experience.

  • Probably means the owner of the vehicle will have been sent a "Notice of Intended Prosecution"

    You can read about them here. First stage is I think, to establish who was driving the vehicle when the incident occurred.


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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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