• The grey one

  • Drive a car at old bill = attempted murder:


    Drive one at anyone else?


  • Fucking hell, I had a scary one this morning.

    Im turning off of the strand, left onto drury lane. I indicate that Im turning left and take the appropriate line in. A red van behind me decides to accelerate past me as I have started turning, to turn left himself, essentially cutting off my path. I slam on my brakes and avoid going into the side of him. I shout "what the f***" at him, he gestures at me and starts shouting something that I cant hear. I call him a dick.

    He then swerves his van at me aggresively several times (im on his inside). I think to hell with this and stop and let him go. I made a mental note of his reg but wasnt convinced I would remember him so I decide to catch him. I filter past him on the left and he is swearing at me some more. I told him I was going to report him to the police and his boss (company van) and then cycle off. I then pulled over to write his reg and company name down on my phone, but he sees me and slams on his brakes (stopping traffic) to have a word with him. He is really aggressive, pointing at me and telling me to "watch my fucking mouth". He told me that he took a wide berth to overtake me and that I should have taken a tighter line. He said that I shouldnt be riding a "stupid fucking push bike". I told him its single lane traffic and that youre not supposed to overtake on a left turn like that. He tells me to fuck off etc and to watch my back and drives off.

    So what do I do now? Call the police? Use the link in the first post? Call his company?

    I want to be kept anonymous, this dude was scary, don't want him visiting my house...

    V888 form using a false name, find his address, bulldoze it. Tell the police you had a sneezing fit and you need your heavy machinery license to do your job. You'll get a £100 fine and a 3 month suspended sentence.

  • Drugs are great, driving on them is not.

  • Glad you're okay Hovis. I hate that specific part of town, you get taxis, buses, coaches and allsorts putting the pedal to metal, pulling over randomly to drop people at the theatre, changing lanes without indicating and turning left obvs. Crazy.

  • Drugs are great, driving on them is not.

  • Hmm, did you go to university from 1997?

    If so I know you.

    nah, 2000

    I didn't go to Jilly's that often but when I did I usually had a bit of a nap at some point

  • I think I worked there around 2003 or something.

  • So, just to be sure, a scooter rider that intentionally swerves and kicks at another road user on a bicycle (myself), repeats this over at least 100mtrs until I can get off the road... then as I'm slowing, spits right in my face and rides off. Thats dangerous driving and assault right? Compiling the details in my head and heading to the nearest police station. Sadly, my camera at home, charging instead of being attached to my bag. Have also placed a roadsafe report. Anything else I should do?

    Sorry if this makes no sense, a little jangly with adrenalin

  • Yes, that's well out of order, get the police to shit in his helmet.

  • I hope it wasn't a stolen scooter.

    Did any of the kicks connect with you?

  • Spitting on someone is assault already plus using a vehicle as a weapon is also assault. Hope youre ok and can get a prosecution - check area for cctv and act fast if there is.

  • I spent Sunday afternoon at Stoke Newington police shack. They were actually really good, took a quick statement and advised that it was indeed "common assault" and Have given all the details, registration plate details. When they entered the reg number there was a raised eyebrow and the guy got up an went to the back office for a minute. wouldn't say why. Intriguing. They also took the wad of spit that I had to wipe off myself, I kept in a little bag and they took it as evidence. Will see what happens but I may have to give a further statement. The police did seem to take it very seriously.

  • Raised eyebrow, mmmm.

  • It was a copper, you will be arrested on terrorism charges.

  • Could be anything, I'm assuming a repeat offender/illegal moped.

  • Bus number 519, route number 358. Approximately 8:45 a.m. on 18/03/2013. This was on Bromley Common between Homesdale Road and Crown Lane, where there is a bike lane on the pavement north side of the road. We were traveling eastbound.
    The Highway Code, Rules for Cyclists, section 63
    Cycle Lanes. These are marked by a white line (which may be broken) along the carriageway (see Rule 140). Keep within the lane when practicable. When leaving a cycle lane check before pulling out that it is safe to do so and signal your intention clearly to other road users. Use of cycle lanes is not compulsory and will depend on your experience and skills, but they can make your journey safer.
    This clearly shows that I am not required to ride in the bicycle lane. Your bus driver cut me up and pulled back in front of me and then shouted at me to be in the bike lane. That is incredibly dangerous behaviour, clearly showing that he felt it acceptable to use his vehicle as a method to try to teach me a lesson about where he thought I should be on the road.
    I want to know that the CCTV footage has been viewed, which will bear up my version of events, and that the bus driver is reprimanded for this behaviour. If possible please put him on training regarding the rules of the road and also cycle training.

    Kind Regards,

  • Saw an audi driver using texting on his smartphone from Clapham South tube all the way to Clapham North tube where I turned off.

    car's an automatic which explain how he can have one hand on steering wheel, and the other on his phone.

    Took photographic evidence, reported to RoadSafe, hopefully the evidence would be enough.

  • Hope you're feeling alright Jenne.

  • Yeah, I'm alright. I saw he was going to do it so slowed down but it was still pretty shitty. I've also reported to Roadsafe.

  • Last night's commute was the closest I've ever come to being under the wheels of a vehicle. Riding east over the reservour (Forest Rd, towards Walthamstow), I'm in a fairly strong secondary, as there's large puddles which I know are concealing sunken drains, potholes etc - see here.

    Anyway, as I'm going round the long left hander, holding a steady 23/24mph, a van (GN04 VBT - Gebaude Building Contractors) passes me with about a foot of room, then as he's alongside pulls in fairly sharply until my right elbow is touching the side of the van, my wheels are as far left as they can go without actually hitting the kerb and are deep within the massive puddles, his front wheel is splashing shitty puddle water all over me and I had absolutely nowhere to go. Near enough shat myself but managed to stay upright, the adrenaline helped me to draft him the rest of the way over the reservoir, hoping that he'd have to stop at the lights at the other end, but it was green and he carried straight on. I gave up, took my turning home and slowly calmed down. Honestly no idea what I'd have done if he had stopped, I've never been so angry/scared on a bike before. Worst thing is, I have no idea whether he did it on purpose, but suspect he just wasn't paying much attention.

    Edit: I've roadsafed the bastard.

  • Sounds scary. I assume you were needing both hands to keep things upright, so had none spare to bang the side of the van?

  • I had an Oh Shit along there, after passing the tube station, so back into the houses and side roads. Saw a big pot hole and moved out, like 10cms, to go around it. As I did so, a bus passed me, pretty much stroking my head with its wing mirror. I pulled up beside him later and asked what he was doing. He said sorry, he hadn't seen me..... this is on a clear day, no rain, no hindrance to vision, and he had not seen me in front of him, and would have gone over me if I had swerved any more to the side than I did.

  • Sounds scary. I assume you were needing both hands to keep things upright, so had none spare to bang the side of the van?

    Exactly. I think any change in balance by removing a hand or giving the van a knock with enough energy for him to actually hear it would've sent me straight under him. Every action etc...

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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