Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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  • The video of that guy descending is a good reason for me not to enter that particular event. The thought of hundreds of other riders undertaking while going round corners downhill, and sprinting into oncoming traffic to overtake vehicles is not something I'd like to be around...

  • For most of that time I flitted between free online training schedules (predominantly this one)

    Excellent, very useful. (Although I've got a lot of work to do to get to the point where I can start using that plan!)

  • Just did a full 3.8km swim in 1hr 39min. Reassured its within IM cutoff time limits.

    Probably not the best for physiological expenditure seven days before the race, but psychology its beneficial.

    Got no excuse for track racing yesterday, other than the voices in my head made me do it.

    Also got my first prerace pysche from a fellow IM competitor down at the lake. Said possible (unconfirmed) changes to the swim course at tenby due to tide conditions, have been made. Oh and jellyfish, expect jellyfish.

  • taper week 1 is over, just did a 30 min spin, heart rate didnt get much above 100, but it was really just to make sure everything is still working!

    another couple of days of taking it easy and then its time to get the body going again!

    Not going too crazy at the moment, had a wedding which i was best man at yesterday which has been a nice distraction although i had a few drinks, which turned into jaeger bombs, which turned into me throwing up which probably wasn't the best plan, but I don't think its done any long term damage!

  • 95% sure I'll enter IM Wales next year and just thinking it might be fun to do a couple of HIM events to warm up over the summer.

    Wales will be on the 13th Sept next year so ideally I'd like a half IM distance with a tough-ish looking bike course for the end of June/July time, and then maybe something a bit flatter for earlier in the season.

    I know Wimbleball (28th June) fits the bill for the hilly race but I'm just exploring options at the moment. So, any other suggestions? Not fussed about it it being Mdot or not, preferably in the UK but could be tempted to build it around a European holiday if it's for an awesome event :-)

  • Marlow is nowhere near as tough but definitely isn't flat as it's 3 laps of Pishill....

    The run is as easy as they come though...

    In Wales, all registered and chilling on the sofa, went for a swim this morning and some of the weaker swimmers had very long faces afterwards as it's very choppy so leg draggers are going to struggle...

    A lot tougher than the long course weekend apparently, where it was mirror flat, if I'm honest the tougher it is the better for me in terms of placings, although I suppose people don't ask how you ranked only what time you got...

  • Aso ewanmac, if you do decide to do wales ad can gather a decent group of friends then the house we are staying in is incredible it was £320 per room for the long weekend but it's on the run course and has a hot tub and a staircase down to the beach!

  • Ha! From FB it looks like two of my friends messed up their accommodation and have to share a bed...

  • That must suck....

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  • Good luck tomorrow @Sainsburys_Ed!!

  • Yeah, good luck buddy! You'll smash it.

  • Not 100% certain but I think this is @Sainsburys_Ed s live tracker for wales. It doesn't have any run splits registered for him so hopefully he's ok out there.­rid=1143240150&race=wales&bib=536&v=3.0&­beta=&1410717600

  • Totally new to triathlon, but I want to join a club in Madrid as it would help a lot to have a trainer for at least the swimming. Last time I swam was about a year ago and before that I cant even remember. I go slow enough to call it going backwards... You guys have any tips & tricks I should know before gettin into triathlon? Starter gear I should get?

  • Sub-12 - strong work there!

  • Yep, that was/is me!

    Tough day, about 90% enjoyable with a few rough moments thrown in, the swim was very hard and I ended up using my legs a lot more than really planned, which resulted in trying to dial it back a bit on the bike but still getting full legs cramps at about mile 70 on the bike - so bad I had to get off and stretch/just wait while the cramp subsided...

    It's a hard course but the people around here are incredible!

    Top 10% of finishers can't be bad right?!

  • Top effort, well done!

  • Anyone know what @tommy a real world name is he was racing too...

  • Awesome! Very well done.

    Wales is a tough tough course (apparently)... rule of thumb is to knock an hour off to compare to other courses.


    Entries for 2015 open today no? Just looking for my credit card...

  • Where were you in AG? Chances of a Kona place next time around?

  • Absolutely amazing Ed! Get yourself in that hot tub!

  • Yes I think they open later and I'd imagine some of the 500 people may have already signed up at the advanced entry this morning...

    Was 40th ish in my AG, so didn't bother going to the awards as that's a long way for it to roll down! I think an hour is almost undercooking it as the swim was so brutal, 3 of my friends did long course weekend and were all 25 minutes slower yesterday for the swim... At least they didn't half the swim like they did at Weymouth yesterday...

  • Ironman Wales 2015... entered.

    So... where's that hot tub ed?

  • haha, awesome, the women who owned the house told us she's charging double but i'll get the details just in case she was joking!

  • Good work Ed

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Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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