Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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  • No recommendations up your way I'm afraid but as your going for an aero fit whoever you see i'd really emphasize that you need an ironman position not a TT setup as there's more of a difference than i thought. I've had 3 "aero" fits plus one wind tunnel and one velodrome cda testing session to find a position that works for me. The first one was too pure aero focused and i ended up with a position that was fine for a 10 but would have needed a lot of practice to hold for a 25TT the second fit was slightly less aggressive but required a helmet change and whilst fine for TT's i would suffer terrible hamstring cramping almost immediately on the run. My final fit that worked we actually did a couple of short tempo bike run brick intervals near the end of the session to make sure i was comfortable running off it. After that we went to the velodrome for some head, hand, body position and equipment testing. Now I've got a pretty aero position that i can ride for hours in very relaxed and when i do Olympic distance i just bring my pads in a little and shrug and turtle up more but the bike set up stays as is. I rather not add up how much unnecessary money i spent in all this and most of it could have been saved by a clear checklist of my requirements and a quick email exchange or phone call prior to the fit.

  • In our club forum KWCC, Nas at Pearsons was recommended as was Jimmy Wilson at cyclefit

  • Cheers for the recommendations. I searched around but there was no short term availability.

    I was getting niggles and just needed something ASAP and Chris @ cycling performance managed to fit me in with a days notice - hero.­services

    Lovely guy, lots of experience in other shops around London now going solo. Would recommend.

    Both road/TT positions are WAY better. Especially the TT thank god. Didn't have much time to work on specific aero posture, but in all honesty I was so far away from a decent fit it was unrealistic. I will probably focus on that on the follow-up as long as all good otherwise.

    Need a couple of bits including 165mm crankset+power meter, specialised power saddle/prologo dimension NDR/tri + 5cm profile design aerobar risers (if you could spare them @Sainsburys_Ed that would be amazing).

    Replacement parts are coming out of the coaching budget currently so second hand would be a huge bonus if anyone has anything lying around!

  • I’ve got a couple of older 165 shimano cranks, chainrings are knackered but you can have them for the cost of postage… not power meters sadly…

  • Does anyone here use extended display mode on garmin forerunner/edge?

    I have a forerunner 745 and an edge 520 plus, both of which support extended display mode, however I cannot get it to display power when in this mode. According to garmin website it’s supposed to reflect the data screens from your watch, but it doesn’t seem to show power data in either bike only or multi sport mode.

    Any ideas?

  • Answering my own question from earlier on here:

    Where do you all buy your foam padding for your arm rests?

    Ebay, Neoprene EPDM Blend Foam Sheet / Adhesive Backed / Squares & Strips in all sizes

    Oh, and swim progress update 6 months in into learning how to swim:
    In jan I did my first openwater swims in wetsuit, and it was soo much easier with my legs not sinking because of my kick - or the lack of it. Today I did my first continuous 1500m in pool with no buoy just under 37mins. Starting to believe that it wont be a major issue on my first half :)

  • Have we been watching Arena games this weekend? Sanders riding 420+ watts at 130bpm was impressive whilst all the other guys were doing 350 max at 170+bpm

  • Anyone fancy weighing in on bottle options for distance races? Was thinking of a double saddle holder but have no idea how awkward they are to use

  • Relatively tricky, and have a tendency to eject out if it’s a bumpy road… but if the general data they tend to be faster than them not being there and if you need to carry specific nutrition then there aren’t many other options…

    That said if it’s just for water most long distance races have aid stations every 20k or so, and a between the arms is both easier to drink from and better aerodynamically!

  • I'm guessing you mean with a straw system? I was intending on carrying a bottle with water then another with sugars/electrolytes but I have zero experience with nutrition over IM distance.

    Intend to have a decent about of solid food, a water bottle, plus one with the high5 they supply. Rookie mistake?

    I suppose I could potentially make do with the one in front.

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Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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