Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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  • If you don’t already check out Lachlan Earnshaw on YouTube, Aussie ametuer Ironman guy who’s pretty quick and thinks up some crazy training challenges. Inspiring me to do a triple brick workout next weekend if the expected snow and ice arrives up north

  • Sorry for the long post in advance...

    Hi all, new to triathlon and would appreciate some advice from others. I did the full on rookie move signing up to an IM (Midnight man - Aug 2023) without having done a competitive triathlon. Poor excuse but this summer is the last I can fully focus on training for various reasons.

    I was already doing around 8-10 hours of running/cycling a week before signing up and started swimming back in September.

    Currently swimming 2x a week ~19.5mins 1km TT without breaks, although my technique + breathing is definitely holding me back, not fitness. Intend to join the local tri club soon to help train this.
    Done a few half marathons as part of training (slow - 1h45-2h), only limited by ongoing knee issues (under control with a strength plan currently). Current 10km ~43min
    Can jump on the bike and do iron distance, slowly (~27.5 I imagine, it has been a while since I did a full 6h stint), though am limited by setup. I will have a bike fit at some point soon.
    Doing 3x a week strengthening for the next 4-6 weeks before transitioning to maintenance.

    I'm aiming for a decent time, not just to complete it. Currently reading + planning using Joe Friel's book Triathlon Bible, but would appreciate if anyone could recommend some resources aimed at IM distance specifically - the half resources @Retro_Bastard linked looked like they would help?

    Also, if anyone is based near Kingston, I'm always looking for training buddies!

  • Firstly good luck💪 i had the the Triathlon Bible it's really good covers everything and all of the advice and methods are proven and it's only at the real marginal gains end that ideas have changed a bit since. If you could only buy one book for triathlon that would be it. I've got the Chrissy Wellington book which doesn't really have training plans in it but it's full of stories and tips and tricks which are definitely useful and its all iron distance specific. I've got the big swim smooth book and a USB from another swim system i can't remember which and you can have any or all them if you want? I recommend Effortless Swimming on YouTube and Triathlon Taren is good especially for completers and faster AG finishers. Most ironman youtubers are either pros or aspiring pros so apart from the odd modified single workout and some inspiration i certainly don't get much out of them don't try and copy what Lionel Sanders is doing. I tried first lockdown because why not I've got nothing better to do so went from 15 to 25-30h a week ironman training and lasted about 3 weeks 😂 Harry Palmer is probably the best of the semi/pro youtubers i still find him relatable even though he's pretty much a full time athlete and seems honest about the roller coaster of iron man training and racing.

  • Thanks for the swimming tips, will have a look on YouTube. Certainly wouldn't mind looking at the others so I'll PM you.

    Definitely won't be using pro training plans! Really looking at 10-15h a week max.

    I'm 6"4, 78kg, current FTP is ~285W (likely higher but I stopped twice during the test due to traffic for ~1min), run pace is 4:20/km at threshold and swimming 19.5/1km. Never trained with a structure before, just pushed harder/faster.

    By good time I'm realistically looking at <12-13h and the course is quite flat. Is this completely unrealistic given that it's still 8 months away?

  • In prep for Ironman this year and bearing in mind the last few long distance tris I’ve done I’ve run terribly off the bike I booked myself into a bike fit with Matt Bottril, was a great experience despite the long trip up there, feel like it’s a great blend of getting biomechanics right and heading in the right direction aerodynamically, only slight gripe is the way he puts on some pretty expensive parts on your bike without that much consent in terms of how much you’re spending,

    Changes for me were a change of extensions, a slight dropping of my hands, I chose to switch to single button di2 as I want to take the broken ones off and cannibalise them for another project, new cleat position and shims under one foot and then a move of the saddle up and forwards. He also suggested buying a new helmet as the met drone looks to compliment my body position better…

    In the couple of weeks since I’ve noticed a big difference in comfort of the bike - managed a pretty solid hour in position on the turbo at the weekend, something I’d never managed before.

    In other news training is going ok, but work travel for the last two weeks has meant I didn’t have as much time on Saturdays to do a long ride, as I’ve been making up time with the family, no travel for a few weeks now so I’m looking forward to getting some longer rides in the next few weeks!

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  • Midnight man - Aug 2023

    Bloody hell, so this still exists! And one of my old mates won it last year. Did the first one of these on my fixie, and that was the last tri I did. Been thinking recently I might do another, but would like to do it on a penny-farthing, if I could get my hands on one. An offbeat event like Midnight Man would be more likely to let you do that...

  • I have no doubt that any conditioned individual could lap me on a penny farthing. Give them a message, maybe see you there! I'll probably be able to tell who you are ;)

    I'll be the gangly guy with mismatched gear on my steal of a second hand Cervelo 2012 P2 - not quite the above hah - very jealous

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Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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