Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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  • Yeh I was pleased with that. My transitions were slower than everyone above me which I didn’t expect and my swim is 3 mins slower than everyone ahead of me so definitely some easy wins to be had!
    I really want a tt bike but they’re so hard to get hold of now, wish I’d kept all my tt gear ten years ago.

  • Yeah I was lucky one came up nearby me, but I’ve to do some work on the fit and spend winter getting comfortable on it! Oh and some new wheels!

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  • Arh yeh that would be ideal if something like that came up!

  • As part of my training for a 70.3 next year, I wanted to bring my running up to scratch first. I've been working with the same coach for cycling for over 2 years now, and she's mainly a triathlete coach. Started Tri training 9 weeks ago with 3 run, 2 bike, and 1 swim per week, last 3 weeks phased out cycling to focus on running because I signed up for a half marathon for today.

    Ran a 1:39:07 which I am incredibly happy with, and I can say with a 100% certainty that I haven't left a spare second on that course, I gave it everything. For reference, my anaerobic threshold on my last (cycling) test was at 187bpm... and that was my average for this run.

    Now shifting focus to learn a good front crawl technique and not drown...

  • For reference, my anaerobic threshold on my last (cycling) test was at 187bpm... and that was my average for this run.

    My running HR, both threshold & maximum, is significantly higher than my cycling HR, even if I'm staying out of the saddle - being upright plays a big part, and larger limb movements have more of a pumping effect too.

    Good work though!

  • Oh I know that! That's why I wanted to mention that the test was cycling. Haven't had a running lactate threshold test just yet. My triathlete friends tell me that transitioning from swim to bike can also spike it as your body adjust to suddenly being upright. I can also pinpoint on my HR graph the exact moment where my body was just like "nah, had enough" (below).

    I'd say about 18k of holding this pace was on merit, the rest was just stubbornness.

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  • Brutal, well done on suffering for that long.

  • Kona predictions?

    Not a clue but it'd be great if Joe Skipper could win it.

  • So with limited experience (2 sprints and 1 Olympic) under my belt, I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring for 2 bigger events next year; TriAthy double Olympic, and IM 70.3 Cork.


    Swim is my strongest discipline, followed fairly closely by bike, and I’ve gotten around a couple of half marathons this year at 4:55-5:00/km, so hoping the longer distances will suit me.

    The events aren’t til 03Jun and 19Aug respectively, but the latter is very much peak holiday season and with full IM on the 20th I wanted to get accommodation locked in asap. They should help frame my winter training though!

  • Good luck with the training. Check out Will Cowen on YouTube. He's one of the best AG triathletes in the country and still ripping it up on an old Boardman and has done some bike fit and aero upgrade videos on his bike. Deeper wheels, getting your front end and position dialled will really help your bike speed way more than the latest mega expensive tt frame on its own. The Boardman is still a quick bike just be careful with new wheels as there's not loads of clearance in those frames. I reckon 28mm external rim width max.

  • Wide rims is indeed a concern, I have hunt carbon wheels on my road bike, which I think are 27mm external, and have been meaning to try them on the boardman for size.

    1. Ride bike fast in a relay, finish top 8
    2. Qualify for Challenge Championship
    3. Start training for triathlon
    4. Do a relay again, but this time swim/run to work on weaknesses
    5. Acquire Championship finisher medal

    My diabolical plan is working so far! It will be very funny to see us qualify with a 5:03, and do this with a 6:03 :D

    Ps: 8 weeks in, still cant swim for shit. :( Very slow progress, but hopefully I'll get there

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  • Good tip on the YouTube channel, enjoyed watching some of those.
    If we’re doing goals/ event plans for next year mine are
    Get a TT bike sorted!
    Apr pool based sprint in under 1.20
    May x terra uk and maybe Southport tri sprint
    July Windermere tri sprint- beat last years time in all 3 disciplines. Maybe go top 10
    August British sprint champs just for lols
    Sept maybe sandman but not sure yet
    Oct duathlon at oulton park- long shot to aim for GB qualifying but very unlikely

    Need to plan my training now! I’ve bought a wall planner so far as I’m old fashioned. Then find some local TT’s, 5km races etc to keep focus between races.

  • Huub are having a massive online sale loads of stuff half price or less­-deals

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  • Thanks for the tip! That suit looks awesome.

    On another note: Coach interjected, I will be doing only the cycling in the Samorin relay...because I'll also be doing the oly distance the day before :D Quite excited about it!

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Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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