Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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  • Ah heck no, no visor and tt helmet, this is just for fun! I’m taking it so seriously I’ve put elastic laces in my lace up Mtb shoes and I did try a transition today after my ride- 35 secs seems ok for each transition?

  • Haha, no buying speed but doing the one thing that <5% of triathletes do and actually practice transition!

    In other news I’m looking forward to some tris this season, not least because I’ve finally tried to fix my swimming rather than just getting fitter, first big step was using my left arm (big crash in 2016 meant I was protecting it unconsciously), then actually kicking, but next up is head position, rotation and breathing on both sides, helped massively by swimming 2x per week and one session where I’m sitting on the feet of a proper swimmer doing 40x100, CSS has dropped from 1:45 in December to 1:28, given at my fittest I was about 1:30 I’m pretty happy, also enjoying dropping club mates at will my weekly club sessions, especially as one of them told me in feb I could make it into the fast lane at club sessions any more….

    First race of the season is a weekday sprint on 1st June then Windsor Olympic 10 days later, not sure what after that, I’d like to do a middle distance race but looking for a suitable local one I can fit around the family, ideally before training before London marathon really kicks in as I’d like to go sub 2:50 there…

  • I’m going swimming today for a shaky out with my wife who is an excellent swimmer and once swam the channel. I assume if I swim behind her this will be wet equivalent of riding behind a derny and I’ll be flying along for no effort!

    Daft question maybe but does anyone swim in their tri suit for practise? You’d look a right bell but I guess we’re way past worrying about that

  • For a sprint i wouldn't worry as your not in the water long but for longer events it's always a good idea to swim in your race suit just incase there's some annoying seam in the armpit or something that rubs you raw that you didn't know about. Don't worry about looking like a bell as you say your waaay past that now. Good luck for the weekend 💪

  • My wife was very polite and stopped sniggering long enough to give some helpful tips! I definitely need to go to some swim coaching next and maybe some 1-1 to work out my breathing. For someone with massive hands and feet, huge lungs and big upper body strength I sure am an average swimmer! I obviously look the part as the lifeguard tried to direct me down to the Stockport metro elite training half of the pool but appearances are deceiving!

    Is it better to have coaching in a pool or one of those endless pool things?

  • Anyone doing Eastbourne next month? I've just entered

  • Not me, I’m a northern monkey, but I am considering Windermere tri as we are already in the lakes that weekend for a swim run for my wife that got cancelled

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Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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