Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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  • First tri of the year this weekend and they are threatening non-wetsuit swim. I have a swimskin (blueseventy pointzero3) from 2011 when I was fast(er).

    Are swimskins legal in tri these days? The pros at kona look like they are wearing something equivalent but I have a vague recollection they got banned?

  • They are legal in European IM races but not in the US ones.

    All the IM I’ve taken part in have been in cold locations so I’ve never seen anyone try to enforce the rules.

  • I’ve seen them used at IMChina. But that was some time ago, and China.

  • yep, they are legal, my mates who did IM austria last year have dusted theirs off!

    presume its the cotswold classic?

  • Super, thanks all...

    @Sainsburys_Ed yup, cotswold classic. Anyone else doing it?

  • good luck, have to commend the organisers working so hard to get it running...

  • yeah they've clearly put an enormous effort in!

  • I have a question...around transitions
    Are there any recommended resources for helping to train for these?

  • Right, time to get properly fit rather than talking about it and this time I really have no excuse.

    I've got 6 months off work.

    My local pool opens again on 12th April and I've already booked a few slots, shouldn't take too long to be back doing a solid set of 45 minute swims (the sessions aren't really good for doing any kind of drills or anything other than a single solid block, doing 1:10/100m sprints with fins is not going to win you any friends).

    The leisure centre doesn't have spin classes going until May but you can book a bike in the usual room for individual use (they've taken out half of the bikes to make more space) and I've got records from my Garmin from all of my previous classes (including power), so I can pick one of the programmes and try and replicate it (having a good memory helps). I'll also start going out on the bike again for lower intensity stuff, I've got a load of Veloviewer tile bagging routes that need doing for Z2 work.

    And I'm a good few months into regular running again.

    No specific targets in mind, have promised myself I won't enter anything until my weight begins with a 7 (it's currently ~93kg) but I'm hoping to do a minimum of a half iron in 2022 and then a full one either later in the year (Weymouth?) or in 2023.

  • End of the final week of the current meso cycle (weeks: recovery, easy, medium, hard).

    Running: 25km (should have been more and some should have been harder but meh)
    5-a-side: 1h40m
    Swimming: 7km (not bad as I started from nothing on 12th April having last swam mid-Dec 2020).
    Cycling: Barely anything, only 20m or so.

    Have 5.8km of swimming to do this week, and 24km of running (but all at a gentle pace), hopefully only 1h of 5-a-side. No cycling planned. Also have my first vaccine jab that might throw this plan off.

    Will start to add some cycling from the week after that with a trip to the shitshow that is Richmond Park, but hopefully it won't be too bad during the day mid-week.

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Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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