Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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  • Teddington Weir/Locks is the limit of the tidal Thames.

  • no its not tidal in windsor!

  • Of course I don't know how strong a swimmer you are, but a slight counterpoint to the suggestion of starting at the back is that (IME) triathletes really aren't that great at swimming. I consider myself to be a very mediocre swimmer by swimming standards (I'm routinely among the slowest swimmers in the fast lane during public sessions at my pool), but I tend to be towards the front during the swim leg of triathlons. My experience has been that starting at the back can be an even greater washing machine than starting at the front as you find yourself swimming through the really busy sections at the back and middle parts of the field, and that the speed differential as you overtake people makes things even worse. If you really are a good swimmer I'd consider starting at the front, and swimming the first few hundred meters pretty hard to keep out in front before relaxing and finding some nice feet to follow once the field begins to thin out a bit. This approach worked a dream for me last month and the only washing machine I experienced was in the first couple of minutes when the adrenaline is already high.

    An intermediate solution is to start on the front but to start at the edge of the field. If you choose the side on the outside of the course then there should be relatively little traffic here and so might be a little bit smoother.

  • Thanks, definitely something to bear in mind. I think I will just go with the flow, see how I feel on the day etc :D

  • Racked up today. Massively excited now. Water temp is a balmy 16degrees 😄 so that's one less thing to worry about.

  • Well that was amazing.

  • go on, a little more detail!

    well done today, looks like a solid result, especially given the crap conditions!

  • I can't move too well now :D
    I was aiming for under 2:50 which I just scraped. The conditions were not great and I was late which threw my hard preparation out the window a bit.
    The current was strong which made the return swim leg a bit tricky, I panicked at one point because my heart rate was too high and i could not get the breathing right so I switched to breaststroke for a few minutes until I chilled out, then I got really into it and started powering through the field and the wave that started before mine.
    The bike ride I completely nailed on my 8 year old aluminum road bike. The hills were amazing, I love hills so was in my element, overtaking people on 5K tri bikes which made me feel great, a few people even commented as I went past them. The conditions were bad, it was raining heavily and the roads were slippery, perfect for me!
    Trouble is I spent a combined 14 minutes in transition, partly because I was so late I dumped my stuff and ran, didn't really take note of where my bike was so couldn't find the fucking thing nor my trainers when I get back for the T2. :(
    The run ultimately let me down as I knew it probably would. I don't like running but I will have to up my game, if only I could run up hills as well as I can cycle up them. I'm going to enter a local 10K in July so will improve on that.
    Next year I will come back and < 2:40 it is easy to see where minor improvements can be made to achieve this and if I do then obviously the target will be < 2:30

    Absolute respect to anyone who can do an Iron Man. OMG
    I am so so pleased I did it

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  • Great work, transitions are pretty much free time so definitely worth practicing and walking through transition pre race in future!

    The run course is tough even for those who are natural runners so don’t beat yourself up too much about that. I really recommend the races held at Dorney lake, don’t wait till next year to race, or you’ll forget everything you’ve learnt! Dorney is completely traffic free and no current in the lake to contend with so it’s a much more controlled environment!

  • Did what a former training buddy called the triple killer mega brick on Saturday, session is
    2.5hrs bike
    30 mins run
    2hrs bike
    20 mins run
    1.5hrs bike
    15 minute run

    Weather was ok until the final bike when the heaven opened, travelled 197km on the bike (33.3kph avg) and 12km on the run, both were a couple of minutes short of the total target time but it was getting hard to see on the bike due to the rain and not too worried about that hopefully only on the bike for around 5.5hours on the day, and felt pretty good throughout, didn’t take in as much nutrition or fluid as I’d have liked, but it was pretty chilly and I need to make a couple of tweaks to how I carry liquids so they are more easily accessible!

    Only downsides were that it completely wiped me out for the next day so missed my long swim on Sunday morning and was still feeling a lot of fatigue this morning too, but hopefully feeling a bit better by this evening and I can take advantage of being in sunny Switzerland for some warm weather lakeside training.

    Final week of training this week culminates in a metric Ironman on Saturday so 2.4km Swim, 112km bike and 26km run, then into taper mode!

  • Cheers Ed. That Dorney one looks perfect, entering now :D

  • Unbelievable, where do you live now to get all this training in. Not in London anymore?

  • with difficulty, but there are good facilities out where live (maidenhead) hills to the north, and flat roads to the south, and lots of lakes and rivers to swim in...

  • training is done!

    last weekend was tough with a metric ironman on Saturday as our last big session
    Swim 2.4km 47 minutes
    Bike 112km 3:13
    Run 26km 2:20

    the sun came out so it was pretty toasty on the day which i was pleased with, i didn't drink enough on the bike, mostly because i cant count, and forgot that one of my water bottles had energy gels in it, wont be a problem with aid stations on the day...

    Ive not tried it before but the metric is a solid test, those little bis extra on the swim and bike come back to bite on the run in a way they dont with a 70.3, it was perhaps too hard at the end of the last three weeks training, as three of my group of 8 didnt complete it, one with an pre existing injury, one because of a niggle on the run and the third was seeing stars and cut the, but it was the first time in training that I've ever had to mentally dig that deep, body was fine apart from a slightly high heart rate on the run which i suspect was more to do with dehydration and fatigue than anything else....

    just tapering to do now, lots of little niggles to stretch/massage/yoga out and try not to panic about, bike to service and pack up ready for it to go one the bike shuttle this Friday!

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  • That’s some impressive consistency there. CTL around 125 is also pretty big! I just checked mine for the same period and despite feeling like my consistency is getting better, mine is still all over the place and I don’t seem to be able to get CTL above 75 before something goes wrong and it plummets again.

  • pretty pleased with it, especially given the big slip back was my Son being born!

    I'm beginning to feel quite stressed about the race, not for me but for the 7 people I've coached to this point, most have really diligently followed the program, and based on Saturdays metric Ironman they are in bloody amazing shape, but you never know!

  • @Sainsburys_Ed how did you get on? Strava bike looks pretty strong!!

  • Also, cobbles on the bike? I don’t remember them from when I did IMAT (maybe 7 years ago!).

  • New 1 lap bike course, really nice loop first up, second loop (apparently the original loop) wasn’t anywhere near what I expected, felt and was a lot slower than the first half!

    Doing the tt’ers proud with my bike position... just a shame I had a massive bike bottle in my back pocket!

    Yes there was a long section of cobbles and my chain came off and it snapped my up front bottle cage so had to down the contents and shove it in my back pocket, probably not very aero!

    Swim was epic, annoyingly non wetsuit but think I couldn’t have gone faster even if it had been, did the first 800m with a clubmate but was being held up so struck out on my own, bike was good bit feet got really sore in the heat, came off the bike in pain but knowing a 4 hour marathon would get me a PB, but I reached my pain limit much earlier than expected as a result, had to lie down a bit on the run as it basically felt like I was running with pins and needles from km 2! So run really let me down with a time of 4:33. Overall 11:29, would do it again but not for a while!

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  • Did the Olympic distance at the Castle Howard triathlon yesterday, my first for four years and post kids. The course was hard, too hard for my meagre training. Made worse by the bike course being bumped up to 50km due to road works. Any idea of times went out the window and it just became about finishing. Still fun though.

  • What's the rough cost for an online tri coach?

    If I ever get my weight down (by May next year is the latest latest plan) I'd like to see if I need a bit of focus/advice on my training.

    Just need someone to get an outline of myself, my goals and limitations, and absorb the .FIT files I generate and throw at them tweaking the plan accordingly.

  • ^ Still looking for an answer to the above if anyone knows.

    MiniGB back to school and so back to training on my day off.

    Cycling: Spin class - actually paced it quite well (i.e. took it easy)
    Swim: First swim since November = 500m and then technique completely lost, should build up again quickly though and I've got my Wednesday training session back as MiniGB has moved lesson time
    Run: Couch to 5k Week 4 thanks to a partially broken ankle 5 months ago. 14 minutes walking and 13 minutes actual running including longest contiguous section of running to date of 5 whole minutes. (End of week 6 sees me running for 25 minutes in one go.)

    Ankle seems fine and is holding up nicely.

  • £70-£350+

    I'd think most semi decent bog standard ones would be around £150 these days.

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Tri / Triathlon / Triathlons - do they float your boat?

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