2010-07-24 - Dunwich Dynamo DD18

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  • Anyone near condor able to pick up two formula rear lock nuts? Be incredibly grateful. Have a fix from brixton cycles. But it's the nerves. The nerves.

    I can pick them up for you, the only thing they're closing in 2 minutes.

  • do i need to take a lock? i mean i know it's only a krypto mini, but it's weight.

  • nervous now. All packed, about to set off. Just a quick bite of pasta. See you guys at 7:30 ish

  • do i need to take a lock? i mean i know it's only a krypto mini, but it's weight.

    If you are riding with people you know then you will never need to leave your bike unattended, so no.

  • cheers thx

  • I'm out too.

    Another free space on t'coach. Just rode to Brighton and I don't think my legs have a dunwich left in them...

  • It's been pointed out to me that despite my best efforts my cunning plan of screen grabbing a previous years route hasn't quite worked. Seem to be missing a screen grab sorry... I'm confused! :-S

  • Just sent my father off to London Fields for his first 50mile+ ride, I'll be on my way up in an hour and a half or so.
    So if anyone sees a gent struggling along on a red/white fade Vernon Barker wearing a hideous orange jersery with an orange bag on his back and a red helmet, say hi. He'll be confused and quiet, but it'll give him tales of niceness to regale me with by the time he gets to the end.

  • Have a wicked ride y'all !!!!!

  • will do!
    /internet mum

  • I'm poping along for a beer and bid people a safe journey.

    As i need an excuse to go for a pedal somewhere.

  • Just seen loads of people on their way to London fields. While I'm getting gently tipsy you're off for a great ride. fuck my knee

  • Missed it. Fuck my life.

  • done it last year and the year before but had to miss out this year. Fucked my knee. One week of jogging on concrete has done more damage than years of riding. have fun everyone! I'll be there again next year.

  • Loitering at Sudbury waiting for the tete de la course to roll through. A little worried about google latitude. No one seems to be on course. Five people seem to be in fields and VB seems to have spent an hour in a river in Braintree.

    VB was off early with a handful of minions, the rest in dribs and drabs save a large bunch waiting on the arrival of a rider who had to replace a chainring. They were off gone 9pm so should have plenty of red lights to follow.

    Barry Mason reported cutting off the other coaches at 750 passengers. I estimate over 1250 starters. Weather good at the moment, first fixed through a few minutes ago, not one of us you lazy scoundrels.

  • 1250 starters? Strewth! Maybe I picked the right year not to do it - the cafe queue will be epic. If Latitude is using cell triangulation, it'll get very approximate once the masts spread out a bit in the sticks, and there'll be no augmentation based on Google's mapping of wireless SSIDs either.

  • Some wag just shouted "do a skid". VB now showing in Halstead, looks like he's gone off route.

  • VB through now following SopeRivera, dimitri and others. Hoping the grupetto isn't too long so I can go and get some sleep. Locals easily confused.

  • Dude what's your number ? Urgent

  • Woo Hoo, cat fight.

    Erm, alas two actual cats fighting

  • Reports are in that the feed station is massively overloaded. Typically they aim to feed about 600. I predict scenes sod malnourished civil unrest at the Market Needham Little Chef at 6am.

  • epic posts^
    are you really bored?

  • reports are that bunch of kids attempt to misguide riders of the night.. keep safe!

  • No, just keeping myself amused laughing at the number of people with freakishly low saddles.

    Man down Crispin Glover's knee has offered a difference of opinion. Serves him right for messing with Lucy Lui.

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2010-07-24 - Dunwich Dynamo DD18

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