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  • another bike to add to my ever growing list of winter bike projects. should arrive in the next week or so. it is going to be a fun few months......but almost out of space.

    Could swear there's a tandem thread someone but search is failing me.

    Mine looked like this when I bought it:

    And now looks like this:

    It will be resprayed eventually.


  • ha ha, nice to see my new project included. more pictures to follow soon as i get my mitts on it!

    can't see the after pictures of the Dawes.......

  • amazing! great job. Does the Dawes have pannier mounts?

  • If this is what you are talking about then DIBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBS

    Who ended up buying this? Theo?

  • I'd love to have a tandem - I rode a friends a month or so ago and was blown away - what fun they are.

    If anyone saw me wobbling around Homerton on a cream Claude Butler....

    Pics here (from iPhone)

    Check out the lug work on it:

    All I need now is to convince him to sell it to me!!

  • [/IMG]

    Our 1934 Saxon Cyclone at the allotment, filled with goodies.

  • My club has or had a couple of tandem trike owners.. I brake and two people..

  • oh no peter, there's a (blue) drum on the back, and I'll sort out a second (caliper) for the front...bombproof...ahem...

  • Here's my Galaxy fresh from 'performing duties'

  • wow, some beauties. loving the bob tandem trike, would love to give it a spin and white claude is very nice.

    @1+N: what in the world was it used for? what is it like under the green stuff?

    @chephri: any chance of some close-up pictures?

  • and im sure quite a few of you would have seen this, its changed hands a few times. my mate now has it, slowly putting it together.

  • In answer to the first question

  • Here it is without the clutter

  • an acid trip of a fruit and bike lover!

  • the galaxy is ace............it would be great to organise a forum tandem owners ride, but maybe its too late this year.

  • 'feelings for 500 yards'? We that's an interesting declaration!

  • Tandem ride sounds like a great idea....
    Here's ours...

  • I bought this one a couple of years ago. Its curently fittedwith a 3 speed Sturmey, and laid up at my brother in law's. I've tried various germans but its hard to find a decent stoker.

  • I think mine could be the "Racelite" but I'm not sure, very similar.

  • No looking again I think mine is older and crankier

  • 'feelings for 500 yards'? We that's an interesting declaration!

    The sign actually says "No hard feelings for 500 yards" and is the work of Daisy Delaney.

    Its made out of the same stuff as a normal road sign - I'd love one of them, they're pretty cool huh?

    Here's a link to images of her work: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=daisy+­delaney+artist&hl=en&prmd=imvnso&tbm=isc­h&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=8bpiUJqVN6O_­0QXj0YGwDA&ved=0CC8QsAQ&biw=1173&bih=557­

  • @chephri: any chance of some close-up pictures?

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Tandems of the forum

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