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  • There's a nice Thorn up in Balerno (near Edinburgh) just now too: https://www.gumtree.com/p/bicycles/thorn­-voyager-childback-mtb-leisure-tandem-s-­xxs/1432568870

    @FlashGordon – GWR used to let you take them on 125 sets. Now the Castle Class trains are going it's a no-go with them.

    Avanti will take them no bother – you just need to book two spots. We rode up to Brum from Bristol via an overnight stay in the Tewkesbury Spoons (lol) on our way home to Scotland last summer.

    We should get out for a tandem shred... once we get a second one! We do a lot of daft stuff on ours, but have abandoned the main tandem in Scotland pending a few more tours this summer.

  • No?

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  • Or on the handlebars. That's how kids get to school. Failing that, BMX with pegs.

  • @andyp if you find one and need to transport it I have @tricitybendix & @6pt 's tandem car rack (fits on roofbars), currently. I have just used it for bringing our 26r back from Suffolk, and I was thinking of making a plan try to get it back to it's rightful owners (if they're keen to have it back, that is).

    Let me know if you make any headway with finding one. That black Thorn might go for less, you can hardly give tandems away :)

  • Or on the handlebars. That's how kids get to school. Failing that, BMX with pegs.

    I feel that someone posting on the Tandems thread might want to desist from dissuading someone else from buying a tandem. They're great!

  • I know, i love ours. But just suggesting amusing cheap alternatives that have more street cred than a tandem.

  • Past a guy a couple of weeks ago who had one child on the rack and another on the bars. Not seen that for a long time, definitely not in London

  • just suggesting amusing cheap alternatives that have more street cred

    I know I'm only ribbing yer

  • definitely not in London

    Indeed, in London the usual choices are Bakfiets (Kensington& Chelsea etc.) of feral kids who wouldn't be seen dead with their dad even if they knew who he was

  • I was thinking about this recently! No hurry as it offers more utility to the collective in London than it does in deepest Somerset, but we would happily welcome it home when the stars align.

  • OK cool, cheers T

  • Nice enough Dawes Discovery Twin for sale near Worcester. 40cm stoker, 52cm pilot: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/ite­m/1078433399501084/

  • If when you say “I might buy a tandem” and your life partner says “really? That sounds good”.

    Does that mean I should?

  • Yes

  • I have a Koga Miyata TwinTraveller, it's so easy to transport.
    Folding/Unfolding takes me under a minute.
    I don't have a car so have taken it on almost every train company in the UK with my better half.
    It rides well, the folding doesn't compromise the handling or comfort at all.
    Best bike-related purchase I ever made? Probably
    Hard to find in the UK but lots on marktplaats.nl, I used an EU man with van to bring it over to me.

  • Yes!

    Send me a message if you fancy borrowing mine for a while. I won't be walking for another 5 weeks yet. You'd need to collect from e10

  • Absolutely, that's the green light right there.

  • This is absolutely what I heard too!
    @doubleodavey I’ll be in touch!

  • Anyone got an adjustable stem for stoker they’d like to sell? Standard 1 1/8” size. New prices are a bit rich for me atm :s

  • We went with one of the standard adjustable stems (eg this) together with a seatpost shim.

  • there's a Micro Tandem for sale on eBay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175623739535

    I'm out of the running for this year's Thundercross (broken ankle) but it'd be good if someone else could maintain a Microtandem presence in the fun bike category

  • Following on from Flash's question, how's getting tandems on trains into London? Specifically thinking of SWR, GWR (apparently this is a nonstarter?), Avanti/Thameslink and SER. Deliberating buying the Dawes Horizon on the classifieds and have in mind to do day trips out to see places near London then taking the train back (which is what I'd do when cycling solo); trying to figure out how much more difficult it is on a tandem than with a regular bike! Have seen the tandem club website with the table of train rules but published rules are one thing and how they are enforced (or not) is another..

    Very on the fence about this because in theory idea seems fantastic and I feel like these things come up in the right (small) size only once in a blue moon, but worried about how often I'd actually get up to trips on a tandem! Descending with 150kg and nothing but V brakes seems like a fairly scary prospect to me. Also have to figure out where to get bike covers which fit since it will have to live outdoors.

  • You'll be fine on the 5 seater SWR carriage outside of peak times. Might be a bit trickier to fit it into the bike area on the 4-seater carriages.

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Tandems of the forum

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