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  • Rust converted, 2.15" big apples, new guards and grips.

    Now delivered to my wee brother for his birthday :)

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  • Tandem hive mind, I'm looking for some advice. Anyone used WTB Vulpine 700x36 on a tandem? Think they're up to the job?

  • That's rad!
    How does the "soft ride" feel?

  • For a light rider, like my brother's wife, I think it's perfect. For me it's pretty soft!

  • Thanks VeLLo ^

    Globetrotter 'Great Britain' Tandem. Pilot 58cm CTT, Stoker 55cm CTT. 27" wheels. Needs a bit of TLC (most urgently a rear tire and tube and some pedals. Have the pedals and the tire so can include. Has been in storage for about 7 years since my daughter was born but was on the road before that. Won't fit in the container to Aus with so has to go by Friday. £80? Or make me an offer.

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  • I'm after some advice please....
    2 tandems for sale, both kiddyback
    1: Trek t900, ex rental, paint is very chipped. It's got a hydraulic front disc, rim rear, also 1x
    2: Thorn voyager, rim brakes, double drilled rear cranks,

    The t900 looks more fun, the Thorn looks like it's more practical.

    What would you spend your £300 on?

  • Thorn can easily be upgraded to front disc fork if that is a deal breaker.

  • Thorn inspo

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  • What would you spend your £300 on?

    Thorn seems like the safer bet

  • for sure the Thorn. my tuppence:

    • the trek fork isn't original and /hard to tell but/ looks slightly longer? our old tandem came with a longer-than-stock fork which we switched out for a same-length-as-stock fork & it improved the handling - on the tandem the longer fork felt like it flopped over more quickly on leaning, which (personal opinion) made it feel more susceptible to body weight movement from the stoker & thus less controllable from the pilot. (maybe less of a worry with a kiddyback vs two adults tho?)
    • good v-brakes have been fine for us for loaded two-adult touring, I wouldn't worry about discs
    • take off the mudguards, paselas & rack and get some knobblies on the Thorn?
  • oh yeah, and put some on-one marys on the Thorn instead of those un-aesthetic risers

  • Thank you, thank you and thank you. Thorn it is then

  • Amazing price, basically sold at value of one saddle, rest of bike free. Hope it gets done up and used again. With Koolstop pads fitted to those mafac's it'll stop OK as well.

  • Got the Thorn the other day. It's pretty much a massive dorky dad affair, but I am a dorky dad so that fits. I need to get some narrower handlebars because moving it through the house is a bit of a pain.

    Thanks again for the advice

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  • More Thorn love here, love this bike!

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  • Always thought these were pretty cool!


  • I'm about to list a Claud Butler short wheel base tandem, in case anyone is interested.

    It's fairly small, which I guess is the point of them. 56cm seat tubes, and 58 (front) / 56 (rear) cm top tubes (all centre to centre).

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  • I'm pretty sure I did a 53 minute 25 on that tandem in 1984ish (with a 60 ring), always wondered what happened to it!

  • The Claud?
    I think there were a fair few of them made! But this one was Bob Kynaston's

  • Ah, probably a different one, dimensions are identical but I ran mine as a straight through drive (which could have been changed at a later date).

  • How old was yours?

    I always thought this was 90s, based on the components, but I saw a frame that was pretty much identical on ebay this morning that was described as 50s. This could have been updated, or maybe they made them for a long time.

    I could ask someone at the club I suppose, they'll probably know the history of it.

  • Mine was 50s, so is yours, the fork crown is a giveaway. Also, he was bought out in 1957 and I don't think any USWB tandems were built after that date.

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Tandems of the forum

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