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  • Interesting. thanks

  • Hi. What's the diameter of this?

  • This is 54mm diameter, 68mm length

  • Ta. I'll have a think. Cheers

  • Hi guys,
    Recently got into tandem riding with my partner, and we’re looking to upgrade from our current Gitane- so it’s gonna be up for sale!
    Just putting it up here first to see if there’s any interested parties.


    • 56cm square pilot
    • 53cm effective ST for stoker

    Recently (last 100km) had:

    • new brake pads and cables
    • Rebuilt front wheel with new rim
    • New tyres and tubes

    It’s been a great intro into riding together, and hoping it brings someone else a lot of fun

    Looking to get £375

    Thanks for looking

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  • oooh concave 40h Weinmann rim on the rear?

  • BTW to @tricitybendix & @6pt ... I still have your tandem roofrack thang. It was very useful! Will need it again eventually as MiL is probably going to want me to take it out of her garage in Suffolk eventually. Let me know if you want it back, or happy to leave it with me for now. I don't mind, it's in the dry and all good here.

  • I was oddly thinking about that today! We now live in Somerset so a transfer will require coordination. Still some things I need to collect from SE London, will give you a bell when I’m lining it up.

  • Hey, I have things to do in Somerset (family) so I could even bring at some point. No rush either way, like I said.

  • Good eyes!

    Front was a rusted old steel which had to be replaced sadly

  • Sorry if this is spam, but will be coming to London in early January, and would be happy to deliver the tandem above to someone for £299 if there’s any interest!
    If no takers I’ll just take the train

  • Apologies if this has been mentioned already, but what's the deal with tandems on trains?
    Is it possible to get to Scotland for example by train with one?

  • Yes I think so, for LNER you have to book two spaces. Your only problem might be that in Scoltand they are only allowed on the highland explorer train.

  • Anyone any leads on a decent 70's looking tandem headset, 1 1/8" threaded, british threads I think haven't measured yet.
    Have a late 70s' Bob Jackson road tandem (pretty light!) which has mostly original parts aside the headset which was changed for a basic one in the 90's, and its dead. Bike has some Campag and some Zeus parts on it

  • Dunno if it’s 70s looking enough but looks to be fairly good value!


  • Yeah ideal TBH, sealed bearings! Thing only does a few hundred miles a year so handy that its not sucking in all the dust from workshop into open cage type bearings all the time. Its such a nice bike shame we don't have more time to take it out

  • Got any pictures of it?

  • ideal TBH, sealed bearings!

    Make sure the stack height works, the cartridge bearing one is 3mm taller than the open cage Tange Passage. I wouldn't worry too much about "seals" on a fair weather bike, my Hirame still has the original open cage Tange Levin from 1986 and it hasn't even been apart for cleaning and relubrication.

  • Should work, previously on this thread when we got it a few year ago.

  • Is it a French tandem 28mm headset, rather than a MTB 1 1/8” headset?


  • That Bob Jackson looks so good!

  • Could well be, need to measure it up again, been a while since I last thought about it. Have a french touring tandem in as well, not as nice a 'Le Jeune' in 70's mettalic brown, for sale if anyone wants a project!

  • That does look v cool. 1” quill stem?

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Tandems of the forum

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