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  • I already have cantis, that's a straight swap for Mini Vs right? Didn't know V brakes were different. V brakes mean new levers but mini V pull = canti?

  • No, haven't got round to it yet 🙄 I'm building an Alivio/Sputnik one for the Trek.

  • It was just because my Trek T200 has too narrow stud spacing for (most) Vs and Mini Vs, but cantis work. An issue only made worse by wider rims...

  • V brakes mean new levers but mini V pull = canti?

    Near enough. Lever ratio on 90mm mini-V tends to be a bit longer than canti, but you can usually get away with it if you keep them adjusted quite close to the rim

  • i skipped mini-vs and v-brakes and went for maguras on my trek. not regretting.
    once the wheels need rebuilding might add disc brake tabs etc.

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  • That looks great. And the front rack is very Mad Max.

  • Ohh, lovely. Which Maguras?

  • Old hs33. according to some German forum the old ones have smaller diameter pistons which equals in more braking force.

    Don't quote me on that but they sure do brake very well.
    I had to exchange the Evo 1 studs to the Evo 2 attachment to make more clearance for the tires though. So it's old HS33 brake levers and calipers together with the new magura evo2 attachment.

    The rear brake really makes a difference compared to the cable actuated one before. it was really mushy due to the long housing and cabling. now it's really crisp and controlled.

  • Aha. Maybe the older Maguras allow for closer canti stud spacing too? My Trek has 70 mm spacing and the Magura manual says they need between 78 and 82 mm.

  • Almost ready for tomorrows overnighter

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  • That's lovely, I'll forward it on :)

  • That looks great! Is this a new build or a change on a current bike?

  • It's @Simba s old one. Built new wheels for it yesterday and went flatbar with some old Deore XT stuff.

  • Found a Trek T-900 online, as the frame is aluminium and based on the color a model from 2004, I’m in doubt whether I should make an offer or let this one pass.

    Frame size is 18.5” front and 14.5”aft, from what age/length would a child be able to fit on the back?

  • Due to a change in circumstances, I will no longer have space for my trusty tandem.

    I've received a lot of help in the past from this thread so thought that I'd offer it up here first. It's a late 80s/ early 90s Chris Paulson, marathon frame with 531 tubing. The saddles remain the san marco rolls that I purchased it with.

    The bad news is that since I purchased it from here 5 years ago:

    1. the rear wheel is now 700cc and not the 27inch that it came with and as per the front - in turn this means that the rear rim brake can not wholly be replied upon, we use the SJS drum brake even though it's meant to be just a retardation force,

    2. I've changed the friction shifters to sti-type (?) which will require indexing and maybe a full refit,

    3. there is a dent in the top tube from being dropped by a bike mechanic when completing the above indexing (!) - I have been informed by a separate bike shop that the dent shouldn't drastically affect the structural integrity but take that as you wish...

    It's in the basement at the moment so the pictures aren't great. I can get better pictures as requested.

    There's a picture of the bike in the basement as it is now, a picture of the bike as I got it (I will search for some of the old bits if requested), and a picture of the dent.

    It's set up to ridden by a leggy 6'2 pilot and a 5'2 stoker.

    I purchased the bike for £350 but due to the above 'modifications' I'm happy to let it go for £75 (with a £25 donation to the forum) - I would love for it to be ridden.

    Due to its size, this will be for sale, for collection only - the sooner the better. Due to the need for a fast sale, I'd be grateful for any thoughts on the price/ likelihood of a sale on here.


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  • Replied - and for the thread, I'm based in South East London.

  • We took our Claud Butler Majestic Two out for a Saturday night wild camp and a 45km lost lanes route on the Sunday, our first time out loaded and it felt surprisingly good.

    Few things to improve:
    1) I'm still not convinced about the front handlebars, the rise is much better than the flat bars that she had previously but I might try something with slightly less sweep.
    2) Both front and back gears could also definitely do with re-index.
    3) Stoker handlebars are a bit close to the captains seat, where is the best place to get a longer stoker stem?

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  • We have a seatpost shim on ours so that we can use a standard threadless stem. We got an adjustable one so we could tweak it.
    Ultimately, it's a downside to older tandem frames, they kept the stoker right up your arse things compact to improve stiffness.

  • On a London Amsterdam London trip with a mate and our daughters. Out via Dover, up through France and Belgium into the Netherlands and back via HoH into Harwich on the overnight ferry.

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  • .

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  • .

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  • Amazing trip! (And beautiful bikes) Did you cycle back from Harwich?

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Tandems of the forum

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