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  • Glad you managed to get the seatposts free

    I'm also interested to hear people's thoughts on the drum brake operation as the tandem I collected is set up with stoker operation and I'm not sure I like it.

  • Big size Bob Jackson tandem on eBay for £800 BIN (or make an offer). Tandems don't pop up very often in this size and this one seems in good condition. Just in case any of my fellow lanky people have tandem dreams!


  • At the front of my old Grubb tandem I’ve got two levers controlled by my left hand- ones the drum brake and the other the rear rim brake. Works ok.
    However I think perhaps this is only possible due to the smaller brake levers you get on prewar machines- which are basically a bit like modern flat bar levers I guess. Wouldn’t work with modern drop levers.

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  • Double post soz

  • Sheldon suggests the drum brake being connected to a friction shifter so you can have it applying a constant force.

    I definitely wouldn't trust three of my four usual stokers with brake controls (8, 6 and 6 years old).

  • What's the recommended method of attaching the brake cable to the arm on the drum?

    The tandem I bought has got a brake wire bolt but I can't for the life of me figure out how that would work.

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  • take the nut and washer off, flip it around 180 degrees, put the bolt through the hole with the cable in place, fit the nut and washer to the other side of the lever and tighten up. The two flat notches in the bolt should align with the flat area of the lever and as you tighten the cable will compress in the hole fixing it in place

    like this (upper right of the image)

  • Ah, I knew I'd probably be missing something simple when I posted, thanks a lot.

  • I’m having real issues finding a stem for the stoker. Needs to fit a 25mm seatpost and c 26mm bars. Has anyone here replaced one and if so where from?!
    I’m now considering trying to get one machined up for me!

  • Btw, the seatpost did fit, and is solid as a rock, so god knows why previous owner welded the original post in...
    (I will be replacing the old shitty saddle with a matching brooks)

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  • Needs to fit a 25mm seatpost and c 26mm bars

    The usual method is to shim the seatpost out to a regular stem size, if you can find a nice 1" steerer AHead stem the shim will be thin, but there's no harm in going all the way out to 1⅛"

  • Shims! Of course. As if my go-to was to get something machined for me. Evidently spend too much time with engineers.
    Seems easiest to go 1 1/8”, more choice.

  • Which tyres are people running? I'm building up a Trek T200 for shorter summer tours with a team weight around 140 kgs. Was looking at Marathon Supremes in 32c.

  • I considered supremes for ours but went with regular marathon plus, because I wanted a thicker sidewall for loaded riding.
    It adds up with luggage and the bike and I don’t really notice any difference in speed from the kojak’s that were on previously.

  • I've always wondered about the weight limit on Schwalbe tyres.
    I've seen pictures of high mileage tandems using Grand Bois tyres.
    Never heard of sidewalls failing.

  • I asked the question on the cargo thread because I have a Supreme at the back of mine and the weight rating (80kg I think) is for one tyre, so 160kg combined. That should do for tandem use with a kid I'd think, plus it's such a great tyre, fast, comfy and seemingly tough enough.

    Thorn specs Paselas PT with their tandem, and that's a great tyre too.

  • always wondered about the weight limit on Schwalbe tyres

    Listed limits are per tyre. You only know about them because Schwalbe lists them and most other tyre companies make you wait until you have the tyres in your hands to read the limit moulded into the rubber in tiny print 🙂

  • Grand Bois it is then @JesperXT!

  • 40c regular marathons, but we're a heavier team (edit: around 160-165 kg), and the tandem is set up for relaxed riding.

  • Slowly making progress. Was thinking I might mix the brakes up, use the original RH lever that would dual operate the drum and a rear canti brake, and use the Magura HS33 for front wheel braking... Not sure yet. The Magura was a bit fiddly to set up and I’m sure it could be done better so I may revisit it at some point.

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Tandems of the forum

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