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  • Bravo!!!

    Great to see this being used.

  • I (stupidly) bought these, not thinking that I wouldn't find a 36T ring for the timing crankset (130bcd duh), so if it is of interest, you can have it for the postage or free if you're local...


    In the end what I've mounted was second hand on eBay.

  • We did use it a fair bit when I built it, then not so much after we moved out of London... This is it's new life now!

  • Thanks for the offer, but I've decided to go with a shorter crank arm length so that the bike will be manageable for really small ones.

  • I think it’s cheating to have an adult as a stocker. Unless that adult also just spins the legs, I which case I’ve got mad respect 😄

  • The adult (wife) enjoys the adventure. It is safer having her attached than drifting 200m behind.
    Just about to head out for last ride before a respray next week.

  • Going to be selling our Thorn Kiddyback custom built;

    Photo attached, I’ll be looking to swap the rear seat to a normal one and removing / swapping a few other bits.

    Suitable for kids 4-10years ish and adults 5’6-6’1 ish

    based in somerset, can post within Uk.


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  • An Audax buddy from down in Fife and I just got a 90s Dave Yates tandem from Stu Allan.
    Curious Gen1 Hope disc brake mounts on the front, but we'll stick with the V-brake for now.

    The plan is to use this for Audaxing and if the frame suits try and do some of the 1000km+ perms up here in Scotland.

    Sorry for the poor photos, all that I have as with the lockdown not actually seen it in person yet.

    As the stoker I'm a big concerned on size. Currently the seatpost to bar measurement is a good 120mm shorter than on my solo road bikes. Between a setback seatpost and wide stoker bullhorns and if space allows get Stu to make up a shorter stoker stem hopefully we can make it work.

    Ultegra 9 speed triple Groupset
    Suntour SE Canti in rear
    Avid Brake booster on front
    Hope wheelset for drum rear and very Gen1 disc brake front

    Not too many tandems available for a pair of guys at 5.10 and 6.02.

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  • If only it was west of London I'd be all over that.

  • Anyone have any old drum brakes? Wondering if there is an arai one out there. The chinese ones available these days are rather tinny.

  • I have one I have been keen to rehome with a needy forumer for years. Unfortunately I am not currently where it is, but I should see it again some time before the year is out if you want it. Bonus points if you're up for collecting it from SE London or ~Bath, as it's still attached to a wheel and I'm not keen on posting.

  • Not in any rush for it, but probably would require postage. We're up in Scotland. :(
    Happy to arrange it though.

  • 👍 when it is once more in my arms I will ask cluelessly in this thread who it was that wanted it!

  • Picked up this 1985 Claud Butler Majestic Two today. She needs a bit of tlc and tweaking but should be fun for some adventures this summer.

    I may be posting more if I have any questions :)

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  • I too am the proud owner of a tandem, as of today! Got it home only to find that the previous owner has helpfully welded, actually welded, the drivers seatpost into position. Managed to grind it away and free the seatpost relatively easily but was a bit annoying!

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  • Does that suggest they couldn’t stop it slipping so took drastic action?

  • I think that’s exactly what it suggests. I’m going to find a new seatpost (it’s quite small, a 25.4 from the box didn’t fit) and a stem for the stokers bars and see if there’s an issue. Current seatpost / stem is integrated so I can’t get my saddle high enough without the mrs being in a weird geometry. Remnants of weld visible at the front:

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  • Congrats! Looks great. Did it come with the retro panniers?

  • Yep came with the ones pictured! Should be good for some weekend jaunts.
    Also came with that rather lovely brooks england flyer in stokers position (I think that’s what it is anyway)

  • I remember those panniers from the 80s, they're fine for weekend jaunts, but be sure to pack anything you want to stay dry in bin liners or whatever. Waterproof they ain't, as a three week tour in France proved....

  • Haha I’m not surprised! They feel just like slightly heavy cloth - a few small drybags inside perhaps...
    It needs new cables throughout and new brake pads to make it slightly less terrifying ha, but looking forward to getting it up and running!

  • Recently purchased this off Rod Saetan:


    Have since managed to get both seatposts free.

    Plans are to build it up as cheaply as possible, so far I’ve had to buy 2x new seatposts and a shim for the stoker stem. Sure there will be a few more bits but I’m hoping I will already have most of stuff in the parts bin to get this assembled.

    I have a set of HS33 that I’d like to use, it means I’ll lose the right hand double cable for front brake / drum brake, but I might give the stoker the operation of the drum or is that ill advised? Have seen tandems set up this way in the past.

  • Stoker controlling the drum is pretty standard I think? Mrs upsidedown liked having a way in how fast we went downhill.

    Looks really good!

  • Oooo exciting frame!
    When you're in a position that you need the drum brake, your hands are already full of brake lever. Hopefully you can trust your stoker to control it, they do trust you to control the rest... ;)

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Tandems of the forum

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