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  • Looks great!

    Raised it in passing with my wife over lunch. Not a complete no but will need a bit more work to bring her round to the idea.

  • Thanks! Cheap too compared to many things!

  • Oh I really need to get this out more

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  • Tandems and kids are a great mix.

    I bought a 16 inch wheel one a few weeks ago from @pdlouche, and all three of my kids for on it.

    They've all been out, my eldest has got the most use of it. We went from Leyton to Woolwich and for some school shoes and an Argos pickup via the ferry & tunnel, and also from home to running training at the track in Walthamstow.

    That included a big old hill which we conquered, and a spooky graveyard in the dark afterwards

    Highly recommended!

  • While on the subject of tandems and kids - here’s my aunt barely able to walk, but already being put to good use helping with the push up a Devon hill in the 1940s.

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  • Fantastic picture!
    Do we have a side car thread already?

  • That’s so lovely! And a tandem sidecar! Who knew?

  • Apparently my dad used to be forever standing up in the side car because he found it more 'exciting' - and would then go flying out into the verge at the apex of the more dramatic bends in the road. Different times...

  • Damn you @doubleodavey I'm supposed to be buying a commuter and now this keeps calling me

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  • You know it makes sense!

  • @doubleodavey as LFGSS's serial tandem pusher extraordinaire....

  • So. We've (re)joined the party.
    Picked up a second hand thorn today. Much work to be done over the week to get it fully rideable.
    It came with a bunch of handy things including a roof rack! Anyway, Pics when its not misery out there.

  • Long shot, anyone got a pair of bolts that tighten the concentric front bottom bracket for my CB build?
    Will try the 50’s thread as well.

  • I guess that's going to be some sort of imperial size.... If you can work the size I would telephone Clerkenwell Screws to see if they have them.

  • Will give that a go, cheers man.

  • I already own one and I’m still tempted! It’s even BIN and not an auction. How is this still available?

    You should buy it. If you don’t, I will.

  • Please help yourself, I'm still on the hunt for a commuter! Cannot really justify blowing my budget on it, looks great fun tho.

  • I was looking at that longingly yesterday...

    Been out today with a friend on a bike Friday folding tandem. Rides surprisingly well.

  • Getting there... new bar tape and new stoker bars incoming.
    Just hunting a m8 seatpost bolt before the first ride.

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  • Looks totally rad!

    What stoker bars did you go for, and where did you source them?

  • We're going swept back, so that C has a nicer view.
    They came with the bike, just not pictured.
    Was a totally amazing eBay find. 2 frames, Car roof rack, all the spares in the world.

  • A find indeed! Not least because of the sick sick fadez.

    I must try to improve the view for any stoker riding my tandem, as currently I've got sweep back bars on the front and I'm 193cm. Ain't no seeing over me. I plan to put drops on the front to lower my position and so any stoker will see over me. And I'll change the stoker bars to bullhorns, just to create a bit of space back there. I will admit the primary motivation is moar speed!

  • Your tandem was one of the drivers for ours! It’s so awesome.

  • It looks great! How does the middle chainring work?

  • How does the middle chainring work?

    It's a ghost (or phantom) ring, you size it take up the slack instead of using an EBB or a tensioning arm, and it just sits there in place rotating at slightly less than crank speed. Halfway between the cranks provides the least take-up, you move it closer to one end or the other to take up a bit more, or use a bigger one, or use two ghost rings.

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Tandems of the forum

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