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  • Must check - or maybe @SWijland knows?

  • Ergotec Stuttgart

  • Thanks - was out riding (Pathfinder Giro - great fun!) and the tandem is in storage. Might take it out for a spin tomorrow when the missus is back from work!

  • And...... here’s the latest addition, Claud Butler with about fifty oil ports. Welcome any and all contributions on age and where I can get drivetrain parts lol

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  • Thorn road train on another overnighter.... new fork, disc brake, mega front rack and wider bars are a revelation!

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  • Our too

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  • 👏 We found Semnoz the hardest (or maybe least pleasant?) of all the climbs we took the tandem up during our alpine jaunt (annecy side)

  • Unladen is cheating though.

  • As is having you on the front.

  • That looks cracking!

  • A strange compliment to pay a bike. :)

  • No doubt, its brutal from annecy. We went the easier way for servier. And my.mind is so warped after doing 7h 4000m passes in Kyrgyzstan that Semnoz was nothing.

  • True. That looks like robust, yet lightweight fun.......

  • Wowsers

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  • @crossedthread

    Might be worth posting this in the pre-50s thread and I’d definitely ask on Retrobike as well because there are quite a few Claude Butler knowledgeable people on there. Shouldn’t be too hard to date, being as it’s a CB.

    It’s quite early. The headclip puts it in late 30s to mid 40s territory. I think the big bulge at the headset bearings says it’s an oversize headclip, i.e. the larger tandem size headclip rather than the usual singleton size. It’s got a general lack of chrome which suggests to me it’s not pre-war. The chromium shortage during the war meant bikes stopped getting chrome plate during and for a period after. But I’m not well up on how common it was to chrome plate the stays, forks, lugs etc on tandems as it was on normal lightweights so that might not be so reliable as a date marker.

  • Would you mind posting a close up pic of the new front end set up?

  • Is there a forum approved car rack for tandems, or a roof rack for standard bikes that could also handle a tandem ?

    Or has anyone fabricated something themselves that does the job? Thanks.

  • Ah, cheers man. Haven’t really started to think about this yet but now am even more excite.
    Will drop that into the thread you suggest also as a. I need all the advice and b. Some parts, as you can see.

  • Also, can’t be certain yet the green is original, and there appears to be a lot of overspray on the ports. May be some plating lurking underneath. Once I get the other Holdsworth done I’ll make a start on this.

  • I've an ancient crude one that the seller included with my tandem, it looks to be identical to this. Very, very, crude, but it does the job (with some toe straps to hold the wheels in the guides for a bit of extra safety).

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  • Thanks for sharing that.

    Have to say it looks like it would be pretty easy to make a DIY version.

  • Yeah it's not much bore than some thoughtfully assembled box section. Currently on loan, otherwise I'd get you some more detailed pics.

  • New front end setup detail.

    Know I need to raise the rack 10mm so it doesn't push the guard down onto the tyre.

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Tandems of the forum

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