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  • Going round India is a decent bit of one-upmanship! Sounds great.

  • Our timing chain is stretched and worn out and needs replacing, what do you guys go for?

    If you have the space for the rather wide pins, Wippermann 7E8 should last until the sun goes red giant and makes further durability moot. With small (34T) timing rings and a relatively short distance between centres (≤25½"), the 136 link length may mean you only need one, but if you need to make two joints the 7R8 is the same chain in a shorter package.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, how would I know from my timing rings what width chain they would accept?

  • how would I know from my timing rings what width chain they would accept?

    Measure the tooth thickness, anything ≤2.3mm will fit 3/32" chain. The potential clearance issue with 7E8/7R8 is where the chain passes the chainstay as it wraps round the back of the stoker's timing ring.
    If you have ⅛" timing rings, which is unlikely but not actually a terrible idea, the corresponding chains are 1R8 and 1E8

  • Anyone used Hope RS4 hubs on their tandem? I'm building a new set of 36/36 wheels with Sputniks. Been offered a Hope front for £30. As far as I can read on the interweb the rears might be dodgy (http://www.wildehobbs.plus.com/hopehub.h­tm), but the front might be ok?

  • Anyone with a kiddy crank adapter they no longer need? I realise this is a bit of a long shot...

  • Most excellent mini adventure this weekend on the Thorn, got to get the load down low kn the front next time. Disc brake fork with mid leg eyelets on order.

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  • pls someone buy this,
    my biggest dream project!

  • It’s real! I didn’t just dream it

  • Our Empella; Shimano 105SC.

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  • i have hope pro 2s on our tandem the rear has been great, the front wobbles a little bit but mebs the bearing were tired when i bought it second hand.

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  • Rs4 front is good.

    Dodgey rear? Do explain! For our kiddy back and 2x surlys we have pro2evo evos, for the 2 cx bikes with have rs4

  • Nice!

    Go for the thorn disc fork?

  • That was mine. Nice to see this here on the forum! Are you enjoying it?

  • The link just didn't give me too confidence in them as tandem hubs. I have Hope on a bunch of my bikes without any issues and maybe that link is just anecdotal evidence from one guy.
    I think I'll just go with Deore for the time being. No point in buying a nice front hub, if I'm exchanging it for a dynamo soon anyway.

  • I’d probably go with a pro4 / 2evo on the rear as the flanges are bigger, be good if they did a centerlock pro4!

    Rs4 on the front is fine!

  • Here is my latest project. On my way from the Ukraine as we speak.

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  • Ah! Small world.
    We should probably take her out more often tbh 😅

  • we have an adjustable, long reach stoker stem spare: £20 posted?

  • Which bars are those?

  • Bought a Dawes horizon 3 months back to try and convince my wife to ride with me, she loved it so much we picked up a Thorn Raven! Did 50mph downhill on it today.

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  • I was so close to buying this a few times but without mudguards and 650c wheels I didn’t give in. Look forward to seeing it built up!

  • Yeah, hard to see past that for £99! New headset, shimano disc brake and wider bars ready to roll soon. Hoping the handling is less 'floppy'.

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Tandems of the forum

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