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  • The only reason I'm still holding on to ours is just in case little guy fancies becoming my new stoker in 13 years time.

  • Holy crap, congrats on all the parenthood you lot. So I have @psg1ben @TvH @hamrack and @skinny as potential, maybe, perhaps, let's see how it goes. I guess I fall in the same category, we have been talking about going for a ride for weeks but then life and this and that and we downloaded the whole Sopranos since we never watched it and bought more jigsaw puzzles and it's a bit wet outside.

    I'll send a message to the people above in the near future, it'd be good to know what area is more convenient but first I'll pencil a couple of dates that work for me. Then we see what happens. Hopefully not a baby.

  • I hope you can make it work and I really regret that we're unable to come along. Despite limited attendance, the last tandem ride was a blast. It's great having a herd of them together on the road. Like elephants migrating or summat.

  • I too am sad we won't be able to attend, I have fond memories of the original tandem tribe ride.

    Enjoy getting pregnant y'all.

  • bit wet outside

    Yeah, could wait until later in the spring and hopefully get more people on board. Maybe some of the people who don't have their regular stoker available could borrow one from somewhere?

  • Careful though, you get into all kinds of trouble from your usual stoker if you get a temporary stoker pregnant.

  • Has anyone got any experience with dolans tandems?
    Just found their frameset, it’s quite a bargain although very road orientated and not as practical as their complete build. It’s strange that they have two different very similar frames.

  • I wouldn't say that's a bargain.

    I picked up a 'Rolls Royce' Thorn Tandem for £1700. Dynamo, disc brakes, couplers.

    So look second hand, a tandem should be practical IMO.

  • Yeah, I know... I got my kiddieback with coupler and rohloff for £600, but that was pure luck.

    Decent tandems, literally NEVER come up for sale in Denmark, so I’m just trying know the options for when the kids outgrow the current bike.

  • Now that is a bargain!

    I didn't account for being outside UK. Maybe you can get a 2nd hand UK one shipped?

  • I think when the time comes that’s my best bet. Then either couplers and take it on the plane back, or just a ferry to the mainland and then ride it home... as I’m writing this I realize I’d probably prefer the latter, couplers or not :)

  • In other tandem related news, I owned this for 24 hours but then sold it on as it was pretty shit.

    It’s a Pedersen. Never again.

    Edit: the kids loved it though

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  • .

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  • A friend and I have gone halves on this Rick Powell tandem.

    I am trying to talk my girlfriend into riding it from our wedding ceremony to the reception....

    Sorry for the NDS lo res ebay photo

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  • riding it from our wedding ceremony to the reception....

    You'll get there much faster than we did.

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  • I had a pedel me rider xome and take us, was mega fun.

    I got informed by the the now wife in the run up to the wedding, that it is a tradition to surprised the bride with something on the day and I should oblige.

    She was surprised and loved it.

  • Looks amazing!

    I rate my chances as about 1%

    But we shall see

  • That sounds awesome.
    It's excactly what we did.

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  • Love this thread and these pictures.

    I should get some photos of our John Atkins/Lee Cooper one done soon.

  • i went out for my maiden voyage with my one tonight, mostly solo except for two attempts with a stoker. Bit wobbly, not quite enough to fall off, but enough to scare him back onto his own bike.

    It is single speed, and the gearing might be a bit high for two beginners, any tips?

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  • My tip, increase the gearing. Bigger the better right.

  • you might be right. I'll let you know if it works!

    I saw a 61t chainring recently for £120. Could give that a go

  • Ha!

    In seriousness. Wobblying about is likely a nervous pillion, and not being in sync. If they're not moving with you, or inputting to much rather than being passive, this will throw you off and cause extra work.

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Tandems of the forum

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