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  • I know a couple of other people on here have recently acquired tandem projects and frames. How many of you are there? Do we have enough for a tandem ride yet? Anyone elses in full working order yet? I just need to rebuild a pedal at the mo.

    Tandem riding is rad, I suck at climbing hills but on it seems to breeze up them with no effort. Also goes like stink on the flat and downhill. Would be cool to go out with a few others some time.

  • I really really want one! I was following a Hobbs of Barbican swb job on eBay recently but looked away and then it was gone. My search continues...

  • bump. jennyj and I have been talking tandem for too long. tandem lurkers unite, congregate and ride. hoping to get a few together for the Dunwich (maybe).

  • I was just thinking earlier today about tandeming the DunRun; Mrs R and I have a lilac Orbit in the shed, bought from another forumenger a while back and so far very little used. But we've not managed any rides of any length on it, and Mrs R is suffering knee-itis (off at physio at the mo) so I suspect our tandem plans are on hold for the time being.

    Edit: we might, however, manage some SE London rides if they're not too trafficky.

  • which is convenient as I am SE london based, and I think jenny is too, definitely S anyway.

  • Im way in the market for a tandem, got a mate whos got a Bob Jackson that he dosent use, gonna tap him up a bit again

  • Cool. Any tips on good places to ride in SE to gain confidence? We're still hopelessly nervous at busy junctions and haven't really got our starting and stopping sorted out. It's a bit embarrassing really, realising that I have a bike that I can't really ride.

    Incidentally, there's an owner of two tandems who lives along the way from me and who may be on here (he commutes on a fixed wheel) and still holds the British 100 mile tandem record or some such, from 30 years ago. If you see this, Mr M, make yourself known!

  • Was googling about that ^ and saw this...


  • most excellent stoker bars

  • Does this also count ?

  • I've got a Claude butler short wheel base that I have been working on for about 2 years, it's nearly finished.

    It's meant to be our wedding transportation, but lack of money and living in a partial building site is holding up the whole process (as you can imagine the other half ain't to happy about this).

    Also got a Gitane in my mum's shed in Bristol as I'm not allowed another tandem in the house.

    Would love to go on a tandem forum ride when the claud is finished.

  • [/url] [url=http://skitch.com]

    The claud in it's current state

  • Def up for a tandem ride soon assuming I haven't sold the pug by then.
    In other news the loprotracktadem frame is possibly for sale at the moment(frame inc eccentric bb shell, 2 posts and all frame bolts. no stems or drivetrain) if anyones interested? No idea of price tho, pics are somewhere on here, will have a look.

    need to sell it to start restoring my claud butler ultra club tandem(similar to the uswb except the 2nd downtube runs from front to back instead of up to the captains seatube as above)
    needs 9 cable guides, one shifter, 2 sets of brake bosses. new chrome for the forks, new paint for the frame and new chrome for the stems.
    gonna cost a fuckton of money to get sorted :(

  • If this is what you are talking about then DIBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBS

  • yeah thats it.

  • I will be chief spanner on this next month

    We did it last year from Gloucester to Dulwich with one tandem. this year we have three. Brunhilde - the original from last year, a WWII era tandem and a horrid cut and shut job a couple of mates were gullible enough to buy off ebay (no stoker bars, timing chain tensioned with a broken derailleur and cable ties/elastic bands, just fitted a rear derailleur with a thumb shifter bolted into a bottle cage boss)

  • i was too injured to ride last year so got to go in our support vehicle (epic Range Rover) driven by our club's groundsman. I will be riding this year and the groundsman has hired a van. I can't wait.

  • Little test run today. Surprisingly hard! a few times it wanted to go it's own way. The wheels are a bit light for 180kg of riders too.

  • Looks sick Rob, must fly with sprinters on board.
    What crank lengths on it?

  • 170s because I decided to use road doubles.

    The drivetrain is very quiet, we couldn't give it full gas because I need some longer chainring bolts in the drive. + it was pretty fucking wobbly at times but you can get up to some speed with hardly any effort.

  • Very cool RPM.

    Glad you got it built so quickly.

    What gearing?

  • 98 at the moment

  • Congrats on findin a 5ft rider with a 1800wt output!
    If the Rolla v Grumps day gets the ok you should do a demo race

  • I haven't found a rider yet! they need to be a bit taller than 5 foot as this is a 60cm

  • Our Le Jeune

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Tandems of the forum

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