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  • It was once explained to me that when they built the first lines originally there was a plan to allow a couple of bikes on trams at sensible times, but that the "cycle campaigners" involved in the consultations repeatedly demanded a full carriage space available at all times.

    Apparently the tram folks lost their rag in the end and simply said if the campaigners weren't prepared to accept less they'd get nothing.... end result they didn't budge but got nothing as threatened.

    So, if the above is indeed true as alleged then the cyclists of Manchester can thank some of their own cycle campaigners for the ban that is in place.


    I hope it's not true, but have been offered little reason to doubt this

  • yeah well, 90% of information on the internet is false.

    tbh its best keeping stuff to yourself unless you know it to be true.

    I'm offered little reason to doubt many things, doesnt mean they are worth jack shit.

  • Everyone knows cyclists are dicks.

  • ^^ sometimes sharing what is being said about a situation leads to it being either confirmed or corrected.

  • yeah well, 90% of information on the internet is false

    [citation needed]

  • sometimes. most of the times people just spread bullshit.

  • It does go well on toast.

  • ^ prefer mine on jacobs crackers.

    ^^ possibly reading between the (tram) lines - do you have the story that could confirm or correct the above?

  • Spotted recently, driver either didn't notice or not fussed.

    In other news:­ews/greater-manchester-news/cyclists-sue­-metrolink-crask-tramlines-10129027

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  • I'm impressed. I tried to take my bike on the tram (minus the wheels which my friend was carrying) and the ticket inspector refused to let the tram leave until I got off.

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