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  • Did anyone see this?

    I haven't heard about this at all, only been back up a week or so though.

    "A bicycle within the saloon of a tram introduces objects that are hazardous to passengers, eg sharp points such as handlebars and pedals."
    Are bikes really that pointy?

  • I understand at busy times it would be stupid to have bikes on, but 80% of the time the mets arent busy at all, sharp points and hazourdous objects is such a stupid excuse. I'm not too fussed though, why pay £4 to get to town and back when I could cycle for free?

  • Yea obviously i'd rather cycle but it says that its replacing trains to oldham and stuff, seems pretty pointless. Every tram ive seen other than peak times has loads of space, just seems stupid, if its ok on trains why not trams?

  • Yep I've been following this and its bollocks, it works in other city so why not ours?! They just hate us.

  • yeah there was a meeting last friday...

  • and they decided to continue the ban. Harmful 'projectiles' inside a carriage during a crash, so where are the seat belts to stop people getting thrown about?

  • **" Bikes on trams, cars on trains: Swiss car company Rinspeed has designed a car small enough to be carried on trains. Did they run that one by Metrolink?"­arre-rinspeed-uc-unveiled-0.html**

  • Bet they'd go for it over bikes any day especially since no one has one yet

  • i have been on a train that went on a ferry by the way...that was weird.

  • Sounds cool, where is that then?

  • i think it was your in poland or maybe czech or somewhere..i can't remember, my early twenties are a blur which prob means i had lots of fun. i do remember being asleep on a train and waking up and being on a train on a ferry though....i am SURE i didn't dream it.


    i also went on a plane to czeck in the 90's when i went to czech tek once, and we had to change in germany to get into cz, and go on a mad little tiny plane with propellers and shit....i feel old suddenly...

  • or visualize it?

  • Good to see there's a trams thread
    Doc on now about them­

  • Trams are for cunts. Fact.

    Tramlines in Edinburgh have made the main throughfare impassable by bicycle if you value your life.

  • Nothing wrong with trams, at least they;re less likely to recklessly kill you than buses.

    HTFU and learn to handle imperfect road surfaces.

  • At the end of the day they decomissioned a perfectly good rail loop line around­at carried bikes and replaced it with a TOTALLY un-integrated transport system thats totally cycle unfriendly???? integrated transport system my fekkin arse!!!

  • Nothing wrong with trams, at least they;re less likely to recklessly kill you than buses.

    HTFU and learn to handle imperfect road surfaces.

    Pft, imperfect road surfaces are a doddle, its the inability to make left or right turns or switch lanes or avoid peds or taxis or busses or trams without getting caught in the tracks.

    Its all shared lanes.

    I am going to get myself some cycle training once they are up and running, if they ever get finished.

  • Do you even bunnyhop?

  • Whats a bunny hop?

  • A manouver whereby both wheels of the bike are momentarily lifted from the road surface, which may allow the passing of of obstacles such as glass, potholes or tram lines, without deviating from your course.

    You could employ a side-hop to switch to a parallel course without riding across the intervening space.

  • Hmmm... dont think that would ever catch on.

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