Tuesday Night = Norwich Hardcourt Bike Polo!

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  • ***Norwich Polo

    ***Lets get some games going boys. Who is in. Started making loads of kit. Would be great to get all you NVS boys out. Started making mallets, which are available for purchase, or just to play with. Its up to you... Would be good to check how good they are. Got a number of different designs that I am trying so far...

    -Steel Shaft (Slimline, Golf Clubs)
    -Aluminum Shaft (Medium, Ski Poles)
    -Aluminum Shaft (Fat, Broom/ Mop Handles)

    -Solid Heads
    -Drilled Heads
    -Solid Heads With Caps
    -Drilled Heads With Caps

    gonna start trying different materials, jusing simple ABS tubing at the minute but there are all sorts of other options, along with HDPE bars tu run through the middle, and capping the ends...

    -Bar Tape
    -Inner Tubes
    -Golf Grips
    -Bicycle Grips

    Fixing Bolts:
    -Stainless Steel

    Also working on DIY frame pads and Wheel Disks... Obviously with your input I can go a lot further with these ideas. I will happily sell these Polo Mallets for anything between £5 and £20 (more with Titanium Bolts). May have some new thicker poles coming next week too(these will be industrial mop handles! just gotta get them from work).

    Will find some great spots for a some games. Found the one on Belvedere Street. Went there last night with Machine Is Bored, Sparky and Sam91. Thought it was flood lit, but nah, unfortunately not... The one at Eaton next to the skate park is floodlit until 11pm most of the time. Apparently Jenny Lind is a good be (just on Vauxhall Street). That is smack head central though.

    What are your thoughts? Start a mini tourney? Dan said we got invites to go to Cambridge for a match...

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  • Yeah some Cambridge rider posted a message on the Norwich Fixed Gear facebook group. We should reach out to them (once we've got a team together and had some practice that is).

  • im definately up for some polo

  • Yeah me too... Gonna make another mallet tonight if anyone is interested...

  • I'd like to watch some of you guys play before I join in. I'm clumsy at the best of times!!

  • Ha, we never have played so it would be a new thing for all of us. Sparky used to play on LDN...

  • Well in that case id be up for giving it a go!

  • Hey guys nice work... had a quick look around...
    found this looks promising, this... but this ones probably the best.

    Got quite a few mates out that way so have a keen interest. :)


    ps have a look at the polo bikes thread... and the upgrades (its a good way to see a set-up of a polo bike). Theres also a few mallets in the photos. Light is good, strong is good...capped mallets adds weight :( but also adds accuracy. Also a good tip... try making several lengths... id recommend 91cm-110 make a few up between you and test what works with your set-up. Oh and head width try anything from about 100mm to 150mm. Another thing... make a spare or at least keep a spare pole and head laying around. Mallets are born to break.

  • Shinscar - I think we met a few times at south polo. If we ever get a game going up here we'll put together a team and come and kick South London's arse...


  • Haha, sweet. How a plan comes together. Want to build a Polo Bike now...

  • Yeah, treat yourself to a polo bike.
    In London most people have a separate polo bike. Cos getting from a-b is a pain (not impossible) on your polo bike. Gearing is the key to getting better control and speed over short distances. So having a bike purely set-up for polo is good. People also have a double fixed hubs so that they can increase the ratio by flipping the wheel...OR carry a spare chain with them. Gabes has a double sprocket at on his rear wheel allows for a quicker gearing change. I also recommend a brake. Its not that important that you have one, but does change your game. Playing brakeless (fixed) is great for pushing the aggression. Having a brake allows you to play with a subtler approach.

    The key is to just have a knock around... 2on2 is ok while building up. Theres lots of other games you can play with just 2 or 3 people to. We (the elks) play a game which involves one on one on one. you place a cone in the middle of the court/car park whatever and try to hit the cone with a shot first to 5 wins.... its good for ball control and shooting. anyway im sure you guys will find your feet.


  • Shinscar - I think we met a few times at south polo. If we ever get a game going up here we'll put together a team and come and kick South London's arse...


    never gonna happen.

  • Nice one shins... What gear ratio/ gear inches would you recommend from experience?

  • Well to start with youre probably running something like a 44T, the lowest you can get with kinda standard track cranks are 42T and then finding a 22T gives you about 50gi...complete stab in the dark... you want to be getting as low as possible anything between 30-40gi. If you are keen don't beat around the bush get the gearing sorted from the start (honestly the best thing you could do) obviously finding very large sprockets for the rear is v differcult... so get that front chainring sorted first. Even if you have to change the cranks, this is often a blessing in disguise as you can eliminate any toe overlap by getting shorter cranks.... NOTE this is horrible for riding about but perfect for polo. (check out the polo upgrades/ebay finds theres loads of mailable gems there)

    ps. another thing about norfolk is that there are fuck loads of industrial estates....or as i like to call them polo courts. Keep your eyes peeled for decent looking car parks.

  • Heck we've got loads of car parks we can get into at night.

    Would be really good to get this going!

    Note to self : keep peugeot frame!!

  • yeah like rik says on the new guide thread on the polo forum...bike has to be fairly small... and those peogeot frames have very weird seat post sizes. good luck fellas.

    ps. if you fellas need pipping etc...pm me and i can see what i can do.

  • Ah sweet. Got some 50mm ABS downpipe, but am looking for something thicker like MDPE/HDPE.

    If I do cap mallets, it would only be on one side for the ease of it + some inserts are hollow too... Just will end up making the end of the mallet more rigid!

    Oh yeah and probably going to use mountainbike cranks, with a bash guard and a 32t ring, so can use an 18t sprocket...

    Made up some wheel disks by stealing some Estate Agent signs, and fitted them to an old set of wheels from when my bike was a complete.

  • anyone up for a little practice knock around game tonight just for fun. bored being stuck in at night.

  • Yep... Practice run in a bit... Half an hour or so...

  • Ah shit dude. Just gotcha PM. Wanna do it tomorrow night. About 7.30ish?

  • ye 7.30 will be gd

  • Sweet. You got a mallet?

  • nah i need to get one. u still selling em?

  • Yes mate. Have a look at the start of the thread, or at the for sale part to get an idea of what you want. I will then quote you depending on what I got. Let me know before 2 then I can pick up som supplies on my way home from work...

  • would like something light. i like the look of the mallet with the circles cut into it!

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Tuesday Night = Norwich Hardcourt Bike Polo!

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