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  • I added my bank details to the tax return and they paid me a fortnight later. Not sure if there's a threshold, this was about 2k

  • So you overpaid, then got it back?

  • I just did my return for 2017-2018, it told me I had overpaid and that the funds would be in my account within the next four weeks.

  • Cool, cheers. Hopefully that'll happen then.

  • Yep. Same as Dammit. Did the form online. Summary said I'd overpaid so I put my bank details in. Site said it'd be paid soon (4 weeks presumably). Arrived last week. So probably only took 2 weeks in the end.

  • Hmm, not sure I've got the same thing then. Summary says I owe, as expected, but more than I expected, by about £70. I'll have to see if it reconfigures itself once it consolidates the return and the additional PAYE contributions that I've been making (I think).

  • You should be able to enter what you've already paid the tax return I'd have thought

    In the Employment section I had
    'Pay from this employment – the total from your P45 or P60 – before tax was taken off'

    'UK tax taken off pay in box 1' (i.e. above figure)

    I corrected the 'Pay from this employment' bit and the correct figure was used in the calculation at the end. I'd think your additional PAYE contributions would/should be included in the 'UK tax taken off pay in box 1' bit?

    So it wasn't that I submitted it and then later was told I'd overpaid, the provisional overpayment was calculated on the basis of what I was about to submit.

    If that makes sense.

    (I am most definitely not qualified to offer advice)

  • Yep, I did that, so in theory my tax bill from employment should be 0, as it should have been accounted for by the tax I've paid as shown on P45/P60, except that I've already been told I'd underpaid some via some earlier in the year, and as I understand it, am already paying that back via increased PAYE.

    The total tax bill is some £70 higher than expected, annoyingly it doesn't tell me what of this is from which income so I'm assuming it's the deficit mentioned above, but I'm already paying this via PAYE so it won't show up until next year's P60 comes. Hopefully it'll come back to me at that point, but It's pretty unclear.

  • When i filled out my self assessment it wouldn't let me pay NI contributions saying i have nothing to pay. Now looking at my NI Record it says i need to pay a voluntary contribution to fill my my record for the year, which is fine, but it seems to be almost double what online calcs say my contribution should be for how much i earned.

    Are voluntary contribution calcs higher for some reason?

  • I thought it should be lower.

    Could it be that the online calcs are wrong.

  • calc matches up with this­l-insurance-rates

    Seems weird it wouldn't allow me to pay through my self assessment, and doubly weird it seems so much higher for a voluntary contribution. Guess I'll need to call

  • Are voluntary contribution calcs higher for some reason?

    They are higher than what your contribution would be if you were exempted from NI due to low earnings 🙂
    Your voluntary contributions will be £2.95 for each week for which you don't already have either a contribution or a credit.

  • For anyone else if they ever get this weirdness, I had entered 'none of these above apply' on Amend self-employment details (page 1) as none of the options applied. This options seems not allow you to pay NICs.

    I choose "My 'basis period' (the self-employed period for which I am taxable) is not the same as my accounting period (Optional)" and then made my basis the full tax year and now it's showing an amount of NI to pay.

  • Jesus h fucking christ

    Wouldn't take my payment on my banking app, when I tried to register for direct debit the earliest I could pay was after the due date! Plus I had to go through all the account ID and password retrieval malarkey.

    Eventually found that they are already registered on my banking app and somehow I am meant to know all the companies that are prepopulated. So when I tried to make payment to a newly created payee it kept being rejected.

    That was a useful 90 minutes of my life.

  • Eventually found that they are already registered on my banking app and somehow I am meant to know all the companies that are prepopulated. So when I tried to make payment to a newly created payee it kept being rejected.

    Hah yeah First Direct does this it really boils my piss

    Although funnily enough the app doesn't do it, only the website...

  • just had a game of tax
    winner winner chicken dinner, zero to pay and they're even reimbursing me the tax on bank interest they took at source


  • 2 days til the deadline and a £100 fine

  • HMRC won't be telling me whether I can offset the accidental income tax overpayment I made last year agianst this year's CGT tax bill untill...lunchtime on the 31st. FFS.

    How is that even a decision? They owe me money, so fucking deduct it from my bill!

  • Why didn't you just get a refund from last year?

  • Just left it with them assuming I could offset it against this year's bill. Laziness really.

  • Has anyone had this 'Payments On Accounts' glitch in their self assessment?

    (apparently some people have a bill which seems too high, and it's because the system hasn't included payments on account from previous year/s)

  • It happens every year, and never fails to give me the willies.

  • Does it show on your account?

  • I'm trying to do mine now. It's asking me to pay approximately equivalent to my last 3 payments (july/jan/july) all at once. no idea what's going on.

    (my earnings have barely changed and will be going down for the next tax year)

  • Just spoke to HMRC call line. Didn't clear much up for me. Question:

    The phone'helper' guy said i made payments on account in Jan 18 and July 18. He can see them.

    My tax return is a larger number than these payments on account. (Cos 17-18 was better than 16-17)

    So, do I just need to pay the difference?

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Tax Returns

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