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  • So anyone else doing them last minute? I've been glued to my computer screen for the last three days trying to organise my drawer of receipts and finding any relevant emails from my 08/09 inbox.

    If anyone has seen the first episode of Black Books - I'm doing a very good impression of Bernard right now.

    Also, I can't remember - is it 20p or 40p per cycled mile I can claim back?


    and yes, I'm submitting a paper return, 6 months late as my accountant decided to hike his rate at the last minute, so it's cheaper for me to swallow the £100 fine and submit before end of Jan.

  • i'm with you. every year i promise to sort my receipts at the end of each month and type it all up, and every year i end up with a big bag of them to go through at the last minute..... next year i will be better.......

  • I've just gone to do my tax return and I've realised that I didn't update my new address, so I don't have a P60. Can you get a replacement, and how long does it take?

    Also is there a way to find your HMRC User ID? I've looked back at last year's return and it doesn't seem to be on there. Deadline is looming, and I have that familiar sick/stress feeling...

  • Just found the User ID. One down. Any way to get a P60? HELP!

  • Hmm, so work should be able to give me the right figures? Will try that. Much obliged. Will they have kept them even if I left and came back again, do you think?

  • That's really up to them. I've never needed a reissue so don't know.

  • Hippy, if I buy you beer will you come over and make all these forms go away?

  • It'll cost you more than beer! Maybe a brewery.

  • I think my return is mostly done. The self-employed bit is done (simple, one payment from one invoice), just need the employer bit (two employers as I changed jobs halfway through).

  • Hippy, if I buy you beer will you come over and make all these forms go away?

    Ha! No way. I pay suckers to do that shit for me.

    I mean, you can buy me beer and I will burn all your papers but I don't think that's what you had in mind?

  • I could do that myself, but thanks anyway. Currently done everything except my current employer and student loan. Didn't get a P60, it seems, as I was laid off during the end of the tax year (and then re-hired again). Hoping they can give me info tomorrow. As for the student loan, I have no idea what to put in that box.

  • Oh but you wouldn't do it like I would... I'm a pyro expert..

  • I did mine and I wished I hadn't.

  • You burned yours?

  • Smug bastard moment, did mine in September, paid the bill two days ago, relaxed.


  • Nice!

    I actually made a profit this, year, memo to self, must try harder...

  • My payslip will be from this tax year, but this return is for last tax year. I've emailed payroll to ask for the info, but no reply yet and I have no idea where they exist physically in this enormous office. Might go payroll-hunting at lunchtime.

  • Ouch.

    £950+ on £2,200 earnings.


  • I did my tax back in September too... Does this make me a cunt?

  • I did my tax back in September too... Does this make me a cunt?


  • Ouch.

    £950+ on £2,200 earnings.


    eh? what about the 5k tax-free earnings threshold ?

  • I have a job as well, but my salary doesn't push me into a very high bracket. In fact, it barely pushes me into a bracket...


  • Sounds like you need to speak to my accountant...

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Tax Returns

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