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  • could be from the weld initiated at the base of the tube

    Yes, that might just as ugly as the top. I was really just pointing out the big notch at the top which looks like it should have started a crack.

  • that weld doesn't look all that bad to be honest, I can't see anything obviously wrong with it.

  • Foffa on the down tube, downhill from there.

  • Maybe the post weld heat treating failed ? Q/C fail over weld fail

  • I wouldn't assume it was heat treated after welding.

  • Turds are notoriously difficult to heat treat.

  • Tynan anti theft paste in bike form!

  • Just read this here, and thought it a fitting addition.

    On the subject of a mushroom changes its colour to blue when exposed to oxygen:

    I'll tell you a true story. One time I picked a bunch of yellow blue-bruising-boletes. I knew that no boletes could kill you, and there were so many around that I was hopeful that they could supplement the rare king bolete find. My sister knows about mushrooms and told me not to eat them. I picked up the thinnest, oldest, picture-free mushroom book and looked up boletes, and it said blue bruising boletes were fine to eat. That was all I needed and I fried a pan full in butter. I started sampling them and it didn't taste good. More butter. Still, that taste. Ugh. Not a good taste.

    I pushed a heaping plate full of butter-soaked mushrooms aside and decided to wait a bit. 20 minutes later, what felt like a large eel jolted in my intestines, and then writhed again, with a gurgle. It felt like something was trying to escape me.

    I started sweating when I pulled out the next mushroom book and it said: "never eat blue-bruising boletes, as it can cause severe gastrointestinal distress." Then I picked up the next book and it said pretty much the same thing. Then diarrhea started rocketing out my ass every 30 minutes, just a a violent spray of it, not like normal liquid diarrhea, it was just aerosolized. This happened every 30 minutes all night. I slept on the bathroom floor under a single dirty afghan in the fetal position. The next day was a long car trip, and there was no way I could make it 40 minutes between rest stops.

    Finally, at 5 am, I pooped out a single, 1.5-inch diameter ball of purple poo poison. It was covered in a half centimeter of thick, clear mucus. I marveled at the ability of guts to produce such an impeccable sphere, flushed it down, and felt perfectly fine.

    But now, with boletes, if they are a little bit yellow or a little bit blue and I will leave them the fuck alone.

  • Did you mean to post that here?

  • I can’t believe that was 7 years ago. I still chuckle when I think back to it.

  • Very rare! Only £440!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahahaha
    jessus that's hilarious.
    reminds me a bit of Ray Mears friend who ate some poisonous mushrooms.

  • Was he called Chris, with the slight stutter? I quite liked him - was he ok?

    Don’t care about Danny Foffa, just for the record.

  • Amazing rare bike
    Very well kept
    General wear signs, front wheel needs air, looses after few days, but
    very good bike other than that.
    I encourage you to come see it.

    Seller refurbished: The item has been restored to working order

  • Yes a slight stutter but he was called Gordon. The story is a bit fucked up. Sadly he passed away a few years ago (not mushrooms). He made an incredible contribution to Palaeoarchaeology.­6SI

  • A LONG time ago I found a Foffa bike in the bins with the seatpost stuck in it. I decided to rescue it and knowing that it’s not a too decent bike to have, it would make the perfect guinea pig for me to learn a few mechanic’s skills on it.
    A kind neighbour helped me melt down the aluminium seatpost, so now the bike is (sort of) ready for a total make-over. I will need to find a way to clean some of the rust that remained inside that frame before I put a new seatpost in place.
    Do you know what’s the seatpost size that a Foffa frame can take? I looked up online for the specs but couldn’t find the specific size for it.I have another seatpost which is slightly bigger so I’m suspecting that it may be within the range of 26-26.8mm or so. Any previous experience with those bikes?
    Also, I cleaned the headset bearings (they are inside a weird looking “bearing cassette”) and the headset has a genuinely really bad design to it..but it’s still worth reviving that bike to use as a commuter (and it’s black so it looks cool).
    Other than the seatpost size, any other tips are more than welcome! 😎

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Foffa Bikes

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