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  • Who are you accusing of being a fudge packing cocoa shunter

  • Breakaways FTW

  • One of my mates once went for a job being a fudge packer, packing fudge into boxes, he was turned down because of lack of experiance.

  • My childhood was one of working class poverty, making ends meet, and sacrifices.

    Even we didnt eat fecking breakaways though.

  • I cant get wagon Wheels out of my head now.

    Are they still around?

    I have memories of them being awesome.

    They are still around but they seem smaller than I remembered. But maybe my hands have grown since I was seven?

  • Don't take away my breakaway.

    Unless you're replacing it with a 54321.

  • Fucking love Dazed and Confused

  • Merry Christmas, have a wonderful time and a fibre-rich diet.

  • My diet is going to be so high protein I expect to be shitting Foffa pate.

  • Thanks Chalfo but I've settled on a jellybean instead.

  • Probably better.

  • What happened to thread title? It's dropped to like 6th on google results!!!!

  • I guess the title edit is a deliberate attempt to get the Foffa Bikes thread to rank lower when people search for Foffa Bikes.

  • Apparently, a Foffa is "een fixie van top kwaliteit"


  • A certain MASTERSTROKER has probably been moaning again.Hes selling millions of bikes and he still aint happy,theres no fucking pleasing some people.

  • gheghe, seller mentions he paid 900. wow. "frame size unknown."

    strange title edit is strange indeed.

  • Does this thread need more reviews of Foffa bike pointing out they are overpriced pieces of shit?

  • so censorship
    much repression
    very wow

  • I have thought that this thread being on the first google page of page rank was a good thing. I saw people get to this thread by almost purchasing a Foffa and thought they were at least sufficiently warned before making the purchase.

    I am rethinking it a bit now that the title has changed and we are drifting toward the 3rd page of google search results.

    If someone sees some expensive bikes with no-name deep white rims or the high-pro or whatever and says to themselves "yep, that is the one for me", is it really so bad that Foffa comes and takes their money?


    It's morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money.

    -W. C. Fields*

    * all supposed quote attributions on t'internet are a little sus. I love this one though so I hope it is right. I know he said "Never give a sucker an even break" which betrays a similar sentiment.

  • dropping like a stone- page two on google now.

    Lots and lots of mentions in the thread of foffa bikes and all it takes is a title change to push the thread below crappy press releases from a year ago in the rankings. SEO truly is a dark art.

  • If there were more reviews pointing out Foffa bikes are shit would this help address the title change?

  • It would help if @Velocio changed the title back to "Foffa Bikes", if he agrees that the thread no longer belongs to the originator but is now community property.

  • FFS, it'd been over a month since Dani or his bikes were mentioned in this thread and there hadn't been a comment posted in over a week.

    I presume the title change has resulted from Dani being on the whinge to either Wicksie or Velocio.

    Is there some sort of psychological masochism disorder that Dani suffers from or what?

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Foffa Bikes

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