1950's F.H.Scott Frame..?

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  • For parts first identify what the parts you are after look like, the following sites will help with that.
    Frame restoration
    Next search the internet for Cycle Jumbles this is possibly the lower cost option, or ofcourse there's e-Bay but prices can be high especially on Sunday p.m.

  • My fathers house is all giving... I found some GB Maes handle bars in the attic along with an adjustable GB stem :-) and I have the brooks saddle on order. Things are looking quite good at the moment. I have a question about the paddles, What would people suggest as replacements for Brampton Quill or Webb Quill? Also some pointers about a suitable crank etc would be very helpful. Thanks in advance :-)

    Edit: Oh I also found some GB Brakes, the spring is broken but i am sure I can find another one if I look in the box of bike bits.

  • Hi,
    I came across your post while searching for some bike-related info in Google. Did you manage to get the parts needed to build up your dad's bike? If not, I could probably supply most of what you're needing at prices a bit less than you'd find on Ebay. I've been collecting vintage bikes for quite a few years but I've decided to pack it in as I have far too many projects and not enough time to get things done. Please feel free to contact me at brucerobbins at hotmail dot co dot uk.


  • amazing to see this catalogue- thanks for posting.

    i've recently picked up an f h scott from ebay.

    mine is the special continental model with fancy nervex lugs and 531db tubing. i was told it was made in 1959 .

    comes what look like original gb maes bars, gb spearpoint stem, seatpost and brooks saddle, but 1970s suntour cyclone mechs, sakae chainset, and weineman 999 brakes.

    i think it's been repainted at some point and even that is pretty rough silver hiding under a layer of sticky yellow gunk

    i only bought it because it was really cheap (£58) and i thought i could make a bit of fast dosh with it, but i can't bare to get rid.

    it was designed for 27" wheels and even with the long reach brakes the pad won't reach the braking surface of a 700c at the front.

    it came with heavy steel rims- i think i'm just going to make a drop-bolt and fit some modern rims, rather than settle for overpriced and substandard NOS.

    i'll stick some photos on when i've got it up and running.

  • I have fond memories of these bikes. As a teenager a neighbour gifted me a bike he had built to order at the shop in Ealing. It was my first bike and gave me my freedom!!!
    Sadly it was nicked in the 80's, if antibard or any reading has a gents bike or frame for sale I would be very interested! and would pay generously to be reunited with a cycle from the same stable! Alternatively I have a Sothern raacing cycle from the same period in original condition that I would trade!
    Cheers Phil

  • phil- just in case my email ends up in your junk box, email wbcummock at gmail dot com

  • I've had an FHScott road path for a while and have just bought a complete road bike from 1956. It has the headbadge but no transfers. It has been resprayed and ''tarted up'' in the past. The Stronglight cranks and Simplex rings have been painted silver. The rust is starting to come through the paint. Has anyone sourced transfers for these bikes?

  • Cheers, wasnt sure if they do them but yes they do. But theyre on Holiday til May 10th.

  • Transfers are available from H Lloyd Cycles including period DB 531 transfer.

  • Here's the final stage of my F H Scott.


  • All this stuff about Fred Scott bikes has been pure nostalgia for me. I have a 22" Scott frame that I purchased from his shop in South Ealing in 1952 when I was fourteen for 10 guineas. My Dad was a Scott fan too and we bought several frames over the years. This one survives, unused since 1983. I think the 26 x 1 1/4 wheels are original but the other parts are oddments. If anybody can offer this frame a good home be my guest. I live near Egham in Surrey.

  • I have a FH Scott Tandem Dragon which I built up from a frame - new 531 forks
    took us round northern France and the Channel Islands
    Posting photos can be done when I learn how to set an url of the image

  • I just bought a Dragon frame and am pondering how to build it up. I’d love to see more photos of other existing examples. This one was apparently fitted with 26" wheels as a 27" fits with barely any clearance, so I’m thinking it may be a good candidate for a 650B conversion.

  • I lived in Ealing and owned an F H Scott bike and used to go into his shop regularly. And when at the local school at Little Ealing, used to work in the cemetry next door in school holidays and weekends

  • I knew Freddie Scott and bought a Dragon - 531 tubing and Nerves lugs - in 1952 when I was 15. I still have it and just replaced the wheels and Campagnola gears ready to ride. I have some pictures of it whilst riding on the track in. Slough.

  • hi all, probably a bit late to reply but here goes!!
    f h scott had a shop at 165 south ealing rd which used to be my grand fathers chemist shop. gf and his family lived at 33 s ealing rd and he had 2 shops. my father bought a bike from fhs before the war and i did in 1958/9 (£39) made to measure! he measured my hieght and inside leg when i was 14 yrs old. i gave the bike to my father when i was 25 having used it competitavely for 10 yrs and he used it for 18 years until he retired for cycling to work some 20 miles per day. some bike! 27 yrs and still going. cannot help with history etc but thought you may find this of interest. geoff

  • Hi
    I bought my Scott Dragon at Fred Scotts in 1954 and here are couple of pics
    Then ‘Slough Race Track’ Ca 1956
    Pic sent on Email Reply
    Today outside the Co-op. My Brooks saddle wore out and 82 year old
    handle bars replace the dropped bars - but original GB stem
    Pic sent on Email Reply
    Henry Mason (Ex Actonia Cycling Club - ref Bill Deacon)

  • Hi,
    I'm resorting a Scott Dragon at the moment, picked it up in a sorry state striped of all equipment, I've been collecting bits up over the last year and hope to have it back on the road by the summer, I would love to see the photos of your bike and the equipment it came with, I've gone with a Books B-17 saddle, Dunlop stainless lightweight rims, GB stem handlebars and brakes, Benelux gears, all 50's period. I am trying to find any photos of Mr Scott and his shop, but alas as yet I have not managed.

    Yours faithfully

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  • ^ Nice frame Stuart.

    You folks who have signed up to add replies to this thread over the last few years/months - they don’t go unread. Thanks for taking the time to share the stories. I’m living local to the area these days and it’s interesting local history that is otherwise lost.

    I sent @truebrit a message a couple of years ago since he’s probably just round the corner from me! Never heard back unfortunately.

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1950's F.H.Scott Frame..?

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