1950's F.H.Scott Frame..?

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  • My father has begrudgingly gifted me his old bike, and now it is to be my project. I am wanting some history on the manufacturer really. I have tried my regular searching and have come up with blanks about the frames history.

    This is what i know....

    It was made from 531 tubing in the 1950's as a sprint bike. This was told to my father by Mr Scott outside his shop in about 1960. It was a gold or brown colour originally, with "light weight" wheels and handle bars.

    My father has owned the bike ever since. I remember that when riding it as a teenager it had an unusually large frame. I dont have any pictures at the moment sorry.

    Any help with finding the history of this bike would be great.


  • "Frederick Henry Scott is listed as a cycle dealer and cycle maker, of 59 Murray Road from about 1912-1936. Thereafter, until 1940, he is listed at 163 and 165 South Ealing Road.

    In 1911 he is described as a tinsmith, at Murray Road.

    In 1950 the shop is still at South Ealing Road, though it is possible that Mr Scott was dead or retired, for it is now named South Ealing Cycle Works. It appears to have closed in about 1964"


  • Wow, thanks, you are brilliant. Where did you find that info? You have made me feel like an internet newbie ;-)

    Edit: I just saw the link, thanks.

  • throw up some snaps so we can have a gander

  • I will post some photos as soon as i have the bike in my hot little hands. I will also post some scans of a brochure that i have just found among my fathers junk. It lists all the bikes F. H. Scott made at around the time the frame was built. I will have the bike at the end of jan and will post pics then.

  • Hello!

    I would be very interested to see this bike. I recently got a 1950s F.H. Scott Dragon. It is beautiful reynolds 531, airlite hubs with 26X1 1/4 alloy rims, GB spearpoint stem, really deep drop reynolds alloy handlebars, and GB courier brakes. Attached is a link with some pictures. I have not been able to find any info on the darn thing!

    that Blue W & E Pollard next to it is mine as well.

    sorry the pictures are not so great.


  • thats nice Buckles, the Pollard looks nicer.

  • Can I have a picture or two of the chainset please?


  • OK, I am finally home and have taken some pics.

    Here is the frame as I recieved it.

    Bonus brochure Pics

    Well...Now what the hell do I do :-)

  • WoW! thanks so much for posting that brochure! I have been looking for this info for a long time now! the frame is really wild too. Very cool built in rack. I will try to get more pics up of mine soon.


  • ignore

  • OK, now comes the hard part...

    I am looking for the right parts to fit out my frame. I believe that i have the "Scott Time Trial or Mass Start Model". The saddle and the handle bars were easy enough to find...but everything else is proving a little harder to track down.

    Does anyone have any ideas on where i should start my search for the breaks, pedals and crank? I am wanting to keep them as close to original as poss.

    Also what would you suggest as a wheel choice?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  • see post number 6

    maybe you need 26 inch wheels

  • Cheers for that, but the brochure states 27 inch wheels. Being a noob to building a bike from scratch I am looking for a little more info as to what to search for. searching 26 inch wheels on google gives way too many results ;-) I also want to know what bottom bracket and headset to use. While this is a project of love, the pockets are deep but not bottomless.

  • are the forks original? there seems to be alot of tube sticking out

  • They look right, the mudguard eyelets are in the right place, but I don't think that the steerer tube sticking out as I can see the threads .

  • at first i thought maybe it needed a chater lea head clip but even that wouldn't cover the extra steerer tube thats sticking out if it is the steerer tube.

  • Is that a seized alloy stem?
    time for the caustic soda...

    That rack, and the gusset on the right hand stays, look like they were welded on (badly) by someone else later. Why would a time trial bike have a luggage rack?

  • I have found this thread because I was looking ti buy a F H Scott from e-Bay to give me a 1940's era bike (I already have bikes for even decade therafter). I won the bid and got the frame 4 days ago. It is a very light frame model the DRAGON as both those in this thread appear to be - date 1949 but has a Chater Lea headclip which was also what I wanted. I also wanted no baze-ons beacuse I am going to run a Sturmey Archer alloy 4 speed FM hub (see photo's attached). I am running BSA fluted 5 pin cranks with a williams 48 tooth lightweight steel ring 3/32 - have order a SA 19 tooth rear cog also 3/32 because I don't won't the extra weight of the 1/8 chain. The bars at the moment are GB with GB spearpoint stem (if I can find a swan neck stem - none expander bolt I'll fit that). The front hub is a rare British Hub (BH) small flange with original QR. The rims in the background are new old stock weinmann 27" with folding types 1 1/8 (not inch 1/14), The saddle is a brooks professional but I may swap this with my Middlesmore cut away off another bike I have. I intend to fit Bluemels Clubman Special mudguards. The brakes are early wiemann 500 (really need Wienmann 730) - but these don't drop the blocks quite low enough for the 27" wheels and certain not for a set of 1950's fammie gnutti double fixed sprints (sew ups) I was hoping to fit while I get the wheels laced. I hope this answers what equipment you may choose to fit. However if you go the deraileur route I would suggest a 5 speed cyclo benelux or simplex gear, Chater Lea chainset - Chater Lea pedals (forget to mention that I'm fitting these too) Christophe clips and straps, BH Airlite large flange hubs running weinmann or steel Dunlop Special Lightweights spokes 40/32, GB side pull brakes or weinmann. Hope this helps.http://www.cyclesocial.co.uk/photo/album­s/f-h-scott

  • Having now looked at the F H Scott brochure, point 1 all the original equipment is specified so you have your shopping list with stated options depending on what you can find, point 2 I have now identified my frame as the Scott Olympic Path Model which explains why there are no baze-ons apart from separate mudguard eyes and front and rear light fitting (12-42 hour time trails requirement) - mine has the Reynolds round fork blades and light two plate crown. The only puzzle is a very small horizontal Charter Lea ends to the rear possible for the Sturmey Archer 3 speed fixed ASC hub gear?

  • With regards to the steerer tube length, it looks to me that an old stem remains stuck in and someone has sawn it off. Further on looking at the head lugs these are cast with integral ball race so were originally for a clip type headset. Someone appears to have fitted a threaded headset and maybe cut down the Steerer Tube. I agree the rack and triangular strengtheners are not original - nor the rear brake cable eyes on the top tube. The head clip type lugs would suggest 1940's rather than 50's?

  • ..............blah,blah....... The only puzzle is a very small horizontal Charter Lea ends to the rear possible for the Sturmey Archer 3 speed fixed ASC hub gear?

    do you have a pictue of this?

  • Yes its on my first entry in the thread, its a link to cycling social, you can see my other bikes as well. Let me know if the link is a problem as I am new to this site?

  • seen that but cant see the unususal piece you mentioned,, ah well, never mind.

  • Once again I am amazed at the powers of the internet and its forums. Thanks to all who have commented and responded.

    Is that a seized alloy stem?
    time for the caustic soda...

    That rack, and the gusset on the right hand stays, look like they were welded on (badly) by someone else later. Why would a time trial bike have a luggage rack?

    Yes it is a seized alloy stem :-( My brother could not remove the stem for shipping so he cut it off.

    The rack was braised on in the 1950's while my father was in france. I kind of like it but also know that its not original. I think I will have it removed when I get the frame fixed and painted.

    The welding on the dropout was done by a Garage mechanic in the early 1990's to enable my father to continue on the tour he was doing.

    With regards to the shopping list, is google my best friend for finding second hand bits and pieces? Or are there better ways of going about it? I have found the appropriate handlebars and stem on these forums, and am just waiting for the seller to PM me back.

    Thanks again in advance.

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1950's F.H.Scott Frame..?

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