Let's go and Ride

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  • Nice ride tonight with 5 people. Sorry joshb and renton, I switched to text message with off-forum people and then more joined later.

    Text message might be the best way to go for this, so if you want you can PM me your numbers.

    Gonna try again next week - not sure whether to go Monday or Tuesday night. Probably see what the weather looks like and feel how tired I am after the weekend.

  • Good relaxing ride. That Michael Crichton film was Congo...

  • I'll send you my num.
    I just have to fix my crankset pbm

  • I can't come out tonight or tomorrow, but I know Monty and Vicki want to. Jules also PM'd me his number, so if someone wants to sort it, I'll forward it over...

  • Lauren and I are thinking of going for a bit of a ride tomorrow. Not too fast (because Lauren will be on her touring bike, and because I am lazy!) Probably about 6ish. Probably for about an hour and a half.

  • I have a 90 min gap in my schedule for this from 6 tonight.

  • Since it doesn't look like rain we will definitely be going for a ride. Leaving from my house (Stirchley) at 6pm on the dot so if you fancy coming just let me know!

  • Send me your adress by PM, i'm in tonight.
    I send you my num.

  • The weather is looking up for a bit if anybody fancies a ride, fixed only?

  • If anyone ever wants to ride over towards warwick - I'm likely to be passing through the Mailbox area at around 5:15 most evenings.

  • fixie ride tonight Dan? we can do some skids in a car park if u want?

  • Working. Maybe Thursday? Or proper roadie road ride on the road on Saturday?

  • ^Assuming you were talking to me.

  • yes. and yes. should have my road bike by saturday, lets get some miles in.

  • Cool. 50 miles? Start around 10am? Anyone else want to join?

  • can we start earlier than 10?

  • Yeah sure. What time?

  • 8:30 - 9?

  • quelle est la date?

  • Saturday

  • in

  • noice

  • Sweet. Shall we say 9am. My garmin's on the blink at the moment but I'd quite like to go out somewhere hillyish (south west). Neil do you know how to avoid Bromsgrove and stay on nice quiet roads?

  • yeah i think so, over to clent and belbroughton?

  • Anyone has already reach Oxford from B'ham?

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Let's go and Ride

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