Let's go and Ride

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  • Anyone fancy a Friday evening snow-ride? I may extend my commute around residential roads and parks to practice drifting and laughing at people in Beemers who can't get over bridges.

  • yes! hopefully I'll get some brakes on the snow bike tonight at tool club.

    whiskey will be compulsory on this ride.

  • Fin said he'd up for this too, anyone else?

  • Looks like I meight be heading home a little early so might change the gearing on my polo bike and come out.

  • Hah i finally finished my road bike yesterday whilst my lht with fat tyres sits in pieces in the garage


  • 35psi in my tyres and flat pedals installed. Ready to go.

  • Stuck my winter tyres on, up for a snow ride now too.

  • hello ! I'm new.
    birmingham cyclists
    Is there anyone willing to drive on birmingham, only fixed gear :) ?

  • drive on?

  • tonight ?!
    in hours later, I'm edgbaston
    My English is not good but I'll handle it

  • Bored of sitting in sweaty office all day - anyone fancy a ride tonight? Leaving Kings Heath about 6:30? Couple of hours ride out towards Stratford?

    Fixed or gears can do either.

  • DanLJ's plans to hurt UK basketball finally surface...

  • I would actually be up for this if it wasn't for the bball tonight.

  • Can we stop talking about none bike related sports on this forum. Polo has already been affected by this ridiculous idea of Mr Wentski's.

    You know coming for a ride on a summer evening makes more sense than running round a square of tarmac after Mr Wentski's balls...

  • Neil couldn't even get a glancing caress of my ball

  • Friday ?

  • I'm home 22nd - 27th and keen to keep my road miles up. Anyone got any good 70 - 100k loops? Especially keen to do one on Boxing Day as I'm doing the festive 500. Pistaboy? Dan? Neil?

  • Does anyone want to set up a regular weekly evening ride for when the clocks go forward? Sun will set at 7.30pm from the end of March. If there's enough interest we could split by intention/ability and do a longer/faster ride and a shorter/more sociable one. Intention would be to both meet at a pub close-ish to town (Coach and Horses or Peacock near Wetheroak).

    What's your availability/earliest start time from the likely centre point of riders, Stirchley/Kings Heath?

    **danwentskiing: **Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays - could start 6pm.

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, could be at the weatheroak for 5 most days.

  • danwentskiing: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays - could start 6pm
    n3il: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays - could start at 5pm

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, could be at the weatheroak for 5 most days.

    The idea is to meet near where we all live, or at a gateway to the leafy lanes of south birmingham (maypole?) and then ride out for an hour or so before congregating at a pub near to home.

  • I'm interested, I finish work at Mon-Thursday I finish at 5.30, Friday at 5, working on the Hagley Rd. South Brum is deal for me as I live in Sitirchley.

  • I'd be up for this.. Meeting in town sounds good rather than south as I live near Sutton!

  • Hi josh. Probably 96% of the posts on this forum are from b13, b14 and b30. You're more than welcome to join us (if this even happens) but the start point will almost certainly be south brum

  • Ah ok cool, well let me know where and when and I'll see how I feel! Aha

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Let's go and Ride

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