Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • I've ridden a few hundred across northern France before on the Triumph, sometimes in the pissing rain. The last time was bad enough that I didn't ride my bike again for over a year. Certainly if I ever do that kind of journey again it'll be by car.

    Mind you the worst one was just a trip to Southend and back on my Primmy. I felt like I needed a new spine by the time I got back to London.

  • @BQ northern france was awesome excellent forum ride :-)

  • Riding in the rain is shite.

    Long distances, keep hydrated and take breaks to stretch muscles.

  • smoking a cigar on a beach in st malo is ballin

  • I did 2500 miles from Leeds to Lagos in 4 days.... On an NTV 650 with a mate on the back.

    You'll be fine.

  • ^ Damnnn
    Long distance question, in August I need to take my 81' cg125 to geneva from london, any ideas's on how many days to plan for and tips for a route? Thanks!

  • That's a great philosophy, especially if you've the time to avoid motorways. In the UK, I almost never rode on dual carriageways or motorways as it's such an unpleasant experience. In France I used to use the peages a lot to get to the more interesting bits and always at very high speeds. They were so smooth and empty, that you almost feel like you're flying after a while.

    I did usually stop for a 15min kip in the rest areas every few hours. Good to give the brain a rest from the thousand yard stare thing you get after going fast for a long time.

  • That's a cool trip! I've always wanted to ride a bit in Africa.

  • Aha!

    Lagos in Portugal (didn't realise there was an African Lagos - that would be more than 2500!)

  • Mod 2 passed!

    Only 2 minors (both legitimate unlike my driving test were I was flawless).

    Thanks to everyone for the supportive comments and advice.

    Next question is what the cheapest I can get a decent hornet for and who wants a 125cc?

  • Nice one!

  • Congrats

    Friend has bit of a high mileage one but the bike is sweet.

  • yay! nice one

  • Congrats!

    It's a great feeling...

  • Well done.

  • Nicely done!

  • Congrats dude, that's awesome

  • What's the 125cc? a friend is in the market

  • Derbi Mulhacen 125 (not the cafĂ©). There's some cosmetic damage to one of the fairing that I'm debating whether to tidy up. For learning and the city I've really enjoyed it. Plus it doesn't looks like a small bike.

    Tbh I need to have a think about next steps, so if I do sell it probably wouldn't be for a month.

    I'll let you know though.

  • Massive congrats man. Any passing tips? just started my DAS and it's flipping tiring.

  • Congratulations @hugo7

    How does it feel?

  • Don't lean

  • Do you even fixie bro?

  • It hasn't really sunk in. I'm just really glad I passed first time, its not a cheap excersise.

    My dad has said he'll put me on his 1934 Matchless when the insurance comes round for renwal, which is exciting :)

  • There were quite a few on the last page.

    It reminded me a bit of my driving test, in that you just need to concentrate and apply everything you've learnt.

    One thing I did to counter act my commuter style was talk to myself. So when I was right up behind a car I'd be saying "1-2 bike lengths" and when pulling away at the front of the lights after just doing a right shoulder check I'd be saying "normally you would have checked both shoulders obviously, wouldn't you".

    One other thing that might help is if you have a solid colour helmet putting some stickers on the back and sides.
    Two different instructior pulled me up for not doing mirror checks. The first might have been right, but by the next day I know I was doing them to death. Because my helmet is black I don't think it was obvious, so I put a load of neon filing stickers on the back edges so when my head moved to the side it was really obvious.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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