Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Junkies have robbed my Oxford rainex cover again for second time. Fuck sake. Just gone out and bought another, will have to lock through it front and back all the time. Thinking about writing my flat number and postcode all over it in marker pen. Also maybe UV pen? Will it make any difference?

  • Just draw spunking cocks all over it, theres only a few folk who want to wrap themselves in that so minimize risk.

  • ha! I really want to write 'you thieving sub-human scum' on it!

  • Spotted this. The stared for a while.

  • Cable locks but doubt it was junkies, what is a bike cover worth. Usually nicked for someone.

  • £50 they are

  • Congrats,

    Kwak w800?­ws/kawasaki/w800/2011/ or a ural you can still buy them..

  • No point locking covers, they just slice through the fabric.
    They get stolen all the time, so you might as well rent a garage.

  • fuck sake - I bought a new Oxford Rainex cover yesterday - the £50 one - after having it nicked a couple of weeks ago - I locked it through front and back, and wrote my flat number and postcode on it in marker pen - it's gone overnight - that's the third Oxford, and the 4th in total (one was a temp cheapo one) - f-ing raging - I'm in process of filing report with Police (for all the good it will do) and spoke to the city wardens on my road this morning and asked them to keep a look out - I'm debating whether to buy one of those small surveillance GPS trackers from Amazon, £30 and seeing what happens - also noticed one of my bar end mirror arms was very loose, so they probably had a go at that too.....

  • Stealing the cover one night to come back and nick parts the next?

    Set up a sting for tonight.

  • I'm fucking tempted to buy another after work, stick it on and wait up tonight

  • Forcing myself to use the motorbike for journeys I would usually use my bicycle on ie. pretty much all of them, is helping a lot, I feel like I’m working things out better each time I go out.

    I’m considering leaving London for the first time next weekend to visit a friend in Cambridgeshire, does anyone have any advice?

  • Wait till it's sunny, don't rush, enjoy the views.

  • I'm fucking tempted to buy another after work, stick it on and wait underneath it tonight


  • Add your wife to your policy, cuts the premium in half. If you're not married just say she's Latvian and having visa issues or something

  • Look at the route and try and pick one route that is a less straight and a bit twisty. Take your time and look at sight lines through the bends.

  • Did this last year and reduced my premium, this year, we're both older, both have more NCB yet was going to be an extra £180 to have her on for the year (she might use it twice in a year lol) everything else exactly the same. Usual insurance company BS

  • I change broker every year to get a cheaper deal. Usually the same underwriter tho.

  • Sold my Versys and bought a CCM 604 supermoto off eBay.

    3rd time riding it yesterday, doing about 25mph on bishopsgate and the front wheel starts to chatter and lock up, turns out the front calliper was missing a bolt, came loose and locked up the rotor. On inspection all the bolts on the front brake set up were super loose.

    Went down pretty hard, 12 stitches in my knee and nutted the floor. Would be fine if I'd been wearing my Kevlar jeans not Levi's..

    Be careful out there and always double and triple check your purchases from eBay folks!

  • Oaft, heal up soon.

    More importantly though, how's the bike?

  • Bike's fine..

    Just needs new disc and new pads

  • Shit mate. Buy a new helmet if it hit the deck.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • That Royal Jordan guy on youtubes just had his Husqvarna Nuda stolen, won't be hard to spot, proper loud and there aren't many of them around?

    Hadn't realised they are based on a BMW something and have almost nothing to do with the old company, bit like Norton etc

  • He'll never see it again...

    They won't ever get the bike started so it'll be stripped for a few resellable parts and the rest scrapped.

  • I hate that fucking bike! Too loud

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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