Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • mate at work just bought an MT-07 - had it two days and some contractors at work reversed into it, knocking it over and onto a very nice Ducati Sport, which also took a nasty tumble...

  • Perfect! Much nicer than my plastic thing, but £free is a price that's hard to turn down.
    Ordered a windscreen and found a cover is the top box. Mot and tax next.

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  • Mot and tax Figure out how many bricks need to go in the top box to enable perma wheely next.


    GFGSS biker gang?

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for previous advice,

    I am now up and running and enjoying myself. I am still a little nervous mainly due to my inexperience which makes it difficult when a problem comes up to know whether it’s down to my technique/behaviour or the bike – usually its me.

    My current problem: back tyre pressure low, I just tried to inflate it for the second time using the auto air pump at the local petrol station. Cant get it to work, there’s not much to do so I don’t understand what’s going wrong. It works on the front tire but on the back nothing seems to happen, the car driver in the queue behind me couldn’t see anything wrong with what I was doing.

    Any ideas? I guess I can try a pump at another station, might there be a problem with the valve?

  • Some of them have a "flat tyre" option. This is for when the pressure in the tyre is too low to register on the system.

    Failing that, use a track pump. I use one on track days and it's about 5 pumps per psi on car tyres so you could be there for a few minutes but it works.

  • Aye! you got something suitably underpowered and unsuitable?

  • KTM Duke 390.

    Wasn't Rusty going to get a bike too?

  • Probably! Will check. Proper bike only allowed if you leave it in first and weigh it down with 500 ducks?
    Just watched a bunch of YouTube adventures from c90 ed, a man who says no to BMW gs and yes to a ridiculously over loaded 25 year old c90 on ice with budget summer tyres, my kind of guy!



  • ah thanks, it inflated fine with track pump!

  • I'm hoping to get my first bike next year. Looking at cbr600's.
    Anyone got any advise re going down the direct access route for a licence? Specifically have you used any firm that was decent? Any other advice?

  • Camrider were excellent

  • Go and have a chat with your local school, if they are elitist cunts, walk away.

    Do your CBT and theory test as soon as you can (get a hazard perception dvd to practice on)

  • @DethBeard cheers

    Anyone got a hazard perception dvd I can buy/ borrow?


  • I have one but it's a few years old. Not sure it's still relevant. You can have it though.

  • @sacredhart

    I think it will still be useful as it will put you in the right mindset of what you need to or should be expected to look out for.

  • Forget about the DVD and get the smartphone app.
    It will teach you the perfect timing to spot the hazard, and how long to press the button for, so you get a real feel for how they were thinking.

  • I really recommend Alpha MCT in She Bu.

  • +1 for the phone app.

    I got this one:­le-theory-test-hazard/id600089803?mt=8 and whilst it wasn't the prettiest app ever, it was really useful for both hazard perception and the theory questions.

    Passed first time with 100% on theory and 90 something % on hazard perception.

  • how long to press the button for? i dont quite understand.

  • The DSA Hazard perception software is really badly designed, and you can press that space bar at the right time, but if you don't press it for long enough it might not register.
    I recall having to be really deliberate with my space bar presses.

    Sometimes also, what you think is a hazard they don't and the answer actually comes later in the video, or you can spot it developing ages before they think you can, so if you spot it too early you won't get any marks.

    I got this official one, and a 100% pass­-dvsa-theory-test/id463295925?mt=8

  • ^ note that the link above is for a car theory. There are some different questions for motorbikes that aren't included.

    The hazard perception is the same...

  • @bq

    i thought that you passed your test long before all of this hazard perception malarchy. not as far back as a man standing in the road waving a flag frantically but,, a while ago.

  • 2007 for bike, 2013 for car.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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