Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Fucking rowdy! That looks like a lot of fun. You're gonna have a great summer. Congrats

  • This may be to your taste. GSXR 1100 dirt bike😂😂😂😂

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  • BMWs are sky high mileage

    What is sky high? Like Harleys they'll do really high mileage. As long as the important service items have been done I wouldn't let that put you off

  • Properly kicking myself. It's my MOT this morning (way over due / tax expired etc).

    I put my battery tender on yesterday morning. Go to start the bike on the main button, and it can't crank the bike over. Too slow at thinking I should have used my starter solenoid over ride hack

    ... and now I've got it charging again hoping for one last shot.

    Should have tried to start it last night, and when it didn't start I should have brought the battery indoors. In fact given that I haven't been able to ride it idk why I didn't just think about removing the battery and having it on trickle charging in the shed over winter.

    Also having redeveloped asthma from a chest virus last year I can't push a bike about in the cold to try and jump start. I'm on a slope so I guess I could give it one shot and slowly push it back up the hill...

  • No luck with push starting 🙁

    Battery is now charging in a warm place. Hoping that will fix it.

  • Revs are limited to 6.5k during run-in but I did find myself at full throttle quite a bit on the ride into town from Bracknell - right laugh!

  • I guess I mean 100k km+.
    I had been hoping to get something in the region of 50k km max... If it was something with higher mileage that had had a lot of tlc/ renovation that would be good too though.

  • Return journey seems to be cursed.

    Heated jacket controller malfunctioning so I can’t heat my jacket, only my gloves.

    About 150km into the journey and my abs / traction control failure came back so neither of those work. Also means cruise control does work which is a complete PITA for a journey this long.

    Final straw just north or Orleans. Been dreaming of a Burger King that I know is there for the last 200Km. Get here and it’s in the services the other side. No way of getting to it.

    Fucking fuck.

  • Sounds shit. Sending good vibes.

    On the upside it's the return journey, so at least once you're back, you're back.

  • Home. 12 hours door to door.

    Tired now.

    Will have to call BMW tomorrow to work out what’s wrong with the bike.

  • Good to hear you’re home in one peace.

  • Theory test passed today, next up Module 1.

  • Well done, progressing nicely.

  • Thanks^

    Having plenty of fun working on the bike in the garden. It's a breath of fresh air after years of fixing cars on the roadside.

    Pulled the carbs apart today to inspect the float chambers after discovering a fuel leak. Tracked a couple of leaks, the first being a broken O-ring on a float bowl drain plug, and the second being cause by a blocked drain tube that had been crimped behind the stand.

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  • Good effort getting back despite things conspiring against you. Hopefully it's an easy fix for the local dealer.

  • Even with the tank off it's a looker.

  • Thanks. I can just about feel my toes again.

    Bike goes in Thursday. Fingers crossed it’s easily resolved. Should be a warranty fix.

  • Pops just brought this home. I only had a quick rip up and down the laneway but it's pretty fun. Quite torquey. Looking forward to a proper spin!

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  • What's the best bang for buck sportbike? I think I read somewhere that after a certain year sportbikes are just kind of the same with fancier electronics. Interested in trying one out this summer, used and sub 4k...

  • Proper fun these. Had to rent one for a few days as it was the only bike available on time, but I was hooked. Knobblies and it would be a riot.

  • GSXR750
    Aprillia Tuono

    Depends how mental you wanna go and how much experience you have really.

  • YZF750R? You could buy a nice one for 4k...

    As Chak said it does depend how fast you actually want to go... 600? 750? 1000?
    Do you have a marque preference?

    Funnily enough I have a list of bikes I want to own at some stage and Chak just listed them all below... specifically:

    • 1990 GSXR750 L
    • CBR954RR Fireblade
    • Tuono 660

    @Chak it could with a new set of tyres so I'll pitch for something a little bit more enduro-esque! I reckon it'll be getting a new exhaust anyway and possibly a less laid back handlebar but we'll see what he wants to do with it himself!

  • I really liked my GSXR1000 K3 - you'd never really want to go faster. The K5 is even better but getting a bit pricey as they're so talked up. The K3-4 are the hidden values...sweet handling, civilised, stonking midrange and stupidly fast if you want. First bike I ever took to the South of France.

  • Nothing mental, I've always dismissed sportbikes but want to give them a go.

    GSXR600 as a starting point? Looks like I can get a good example for under 3k.

  • I know what @jambon will recommend.
    Something of that era would be a good.
    Depending on how mental you want to go an early R6 would be a good shout I would say. They look amazing and performance is great parts availability is good and they are just so cheap. I saw a ropey one for sale recently for £1000. There were some gearbox complaints but I think it was only a small number compared to how many they sold.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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