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  • Coaster hub obviously.

  • Can't stop, won't stop.

  • You're just trying to tidy it up! Stop it! 🙂

    I like the whole thing as is. It will keep you busy enough riding it and keeping it running if you're lucky. It should take you a while to tune it even.

    Maybe look at the tyres and make sure they're not just nearest modern sizes and buy some good looking but decent ones if you have the budget.

    Then look at the shocks. New pairs can be expensive. Check the headbearing and maybe change the oil in the front suspension.

    You're going to want 4 way vacuum gauges if you don't have them already.

    This is all lighthearted, my bike is from the same era and looks way less smart but these bikes are charming and you don't need to go looking for jobs to do.

  • I realise this is complicated because you can't ride it yet.

  • Possibly controversial but making a cafe racer, bobber etc out of that is a waste of a good looking bike. It is now a bit of a classic, cutting it up to be something which is just a passing fashion (bobbers are old hat anyway it’s desert sled now) seems a bit of a travesty, ymmv.

  • He did say all reversible mods :)

  • In that case I moderate my opprobrium :)

    I stand by it’s actually quite a pretty bike to start off with

  • Getting shot of the big stock mirrors for something a bit sleeker will probably go a long way to creating the lower look at the front. Maybe a bar end mirror?

    The bobbed rear guard just looks like a wet arse and dirty stripe up your back to me.
    If you'd be mounting the plate to it then the plate will hang lower than the guard anyway so why bother cutting it? Smaller taillight and plate mounted directly to the guard might be quite nice and neat.

  • What a smashing looking bike!

    For what it's worth I'd leave it near enough alone maybe...
    Some discreet but bright LED indicators and a neater tail light would be great (LED strip integrated into grab rail could be very spicy if you fancy the hardship), maybe a pair of neat little underbar mirrors just to tidy things up a little more?

    I really like the sort of higher bar, sixties Bonneville-esque vibe as it is!

  • My 2p is similar to others, however I don't really see the issue with swapping mirrors, rear 'guard, and indicators. (OEM+ is the term you're looking for BTW).

    Personally I do like the indicators so would actually replace the bulbs for LED ones for safety. Remember to clean all parts, carefully wrap and store everything.

    Also I know it's probably not what you want to hear, but airhead is right and your list of mods should be more along the lines of:

    1. Tyres
    2. Rear shocks
    3. Front springs and oil
    4. Farkles

    And obviously if they haven't been done, all the servicing and cleaning items come before mods.

  • Anyone had a current Aprilia with the 660 engine (front half of a v4)

    Have looked at a bmw f850gs, ktm 790, tenere and a tiger 900 xc. All were nice, but pricey as hell (apart from tenere) and will only do UK warranty as far as I have found out. Poss riding to se asia and back, and cannot get a non new bike into Vietnam for any period of time, hence new only.
    New tuareg 660 saw one a year ago but can't find a demo anywhere.
    I rate the Mad tv folks in Australia for reviews and there's of the Tuareg is glowing.
    In the uk they are down to £8500 new /pre reg and already have most things on them. Need to add guards, bars and luggage and a bash plate not made of shite. Clincher is, Aprilia do a European wide warranty, still not a worldwide warranty, but gives a whole lot more places to get a broken bike back to from arse end of nowhere than just little old UK.
    Reliability they seem to have an oil/coolant leak out of the watet pump weap hole and a flat spot in thr fueling. Apart from that they seem to have the least teething issues of all the above.

    For £8.5k specs, cruise, traction settings and a basic nav system (£220 extra to unlock it). Vs £12-14.5k for bmw/ktm/tiger options is quite a lot of difference. Also tubeless tyres, easier to fix road side, and still possible to stick a tube in it is a big up over the tenere*

    *I weigh 80kg + 40kg of shite to take with potentially (extra tyre /pads/fuel/tubes in some parts of trip) = need new rear spring and fork springs right out of the gate.

  • If riding to SE Asia id be looking for something bulletproof!
    As I'd look for simplicity to work on and repairability over warrenty.

  • I was talking to a chap in Gambia a few years ago who'd ridden a similar Aprilia down through the Sahara with no problem for what it's worth. Do plenty of research.

  • That sounds amazing. Can't help you on the Aprilia front - I've some experience with the V2 and V4 bikes and they're pretty reliable. For solely on road riding, you'd probably be fine I reckon, even if spares coverage might be a bit nerve-wracking. Any off road, I'd probably be happier on something simpler - DR650, DRZ400, KLR650 etc.

  • Tuareg 660 is by all accounts the best new enduro focused adventure bike... some absolutely glowing reviews out there and if I were buying a new bike it would be this (I'm keen to see how the V-Strom 800DE is when they're out though...)
    I suspect that in SE Asia there will be no advantage to any new bike over another in terms of serviceability... they're all only going to be serviceable by main dealers or specialists in big cities most likely and given rich Asian dudes propensity for spicy Italian vehicles there's probably as good a chance of finding someone to service a Tuareg as there is of finding a dealer to work on a new Africa Twin or BMW...

  • Anybody fancy some "modern classic" trumpet? I'm selling.

    I've been talked into beemer territory

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  • Come to your senses at last 🙂

  • Sweet, I mean its all good until something goes wrong, then you've just got to be focussed or feeling lucky. Have always found when i've had issues in arse end of nowhere (blew a clutch in the Altai valley and met some drunken russian students who came out of the forest who then spent the next 2 full days helping me get car to a town with a mechanic that was spot on), people just appear and generally are overly helpful*

    Bike doesn't have to be mega off road, plenty of people have done it other way on a scooter (many SE asian families make their pilgrimage on their normal commuter bike, generally a 110 to 150cc medium sized scooter) and travelled tens of thousands of KM this way just fine. However always helps as you get to areas where bridge has gone, weather has blown away road, a group has protest on the road and blocked it and you need a way around. But something fun, a nice place to be is always a good thing.
    Has to be less than 3 years from new (often from date of mftr or whats on V5, not from purchase date) in order to get it into Vietnam.

    *Always feel that in the UK we have the opposite feels towards foreigners broken down on side of road or a bit lost looking, most will just leave them to it or actively ignore which is shit.

  • Off to France for a few days on the bike next week so of course these two notices pop up on the way home from work last night.

    Also meant cruise control, hill stop assist and traction control were inoperable.

    Seems to have cleared up overnight and 50 miles into work this morning with no issues. 🤷🏼♂️

    Will be cleaning it and giving it a once over this weekend so I’ll give speed sensors etc a little extra love and cross fingers.

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  • Could just be error codes generated by popping wheelies.

  • Bummer. Granted this advice comes from owning older bikes but, if the spring is actually fine and ABS does pack up it's not a big deal?

  • I think it'll be fine. I did 40 miles home in the pouring rain with the faults yesterday and was just a little careful out of roundabouts and that was it.

    The main issue would be it not starting / fully breaking somewhere in the middle of nowhere in France.

    This is what I have to do next Friday (then back again the Tuesday after).

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  • Was it wet last night? Might be wise to coat the electronics (basically the whole bike in your case!) with ACF50.

  • Any feedback on XTZ750 Super Tenérés?

    I'm thinking very strongly about this one which has been engine swapped with a TRX850 motor...

    Full build list is pretty neat too... from the advert:

    Your chance to own a very unique one off Yamaha XTZ 750 with a TRX 850 engine which COMPLETELY takes the boring out of the standard bike.
    This bike looks & sounds incredible. It has to be riden & listened to be appreciated.
    Loads of power on road and plenty of torque for off-road. Fantastic bike to ride.
    TRX850 Engine, Carbs, Wiring loom, CDI, Coils
    Tyres are in very good condition, Metzeler Karoo 3 on the front & Michelin Anakee wild on the rear. Great combo!
    Newish front EBC brake discs & HH pads. SBS rear HH pads on a very good disc. Braided lines front & back
    Very good condition gold chain & sprockets. Geared to suit both off road & on road riding suited to my liking.
    I replaced the fork oil & oil seals last year
    Bike has had the wheels and frame powder coated & full respray a couple of years ago. Plastics look great but are not mint.
    Goodies as follows:
    Arrow stainless steel exhaust and Arrow stainless steel headers
    LED headlights
    LED mini indicators
    Heated Grips
    Dakar Screen
    12V socket power outlet fitted on the handlebars
    Rental wide bars, great control of the bike from these bars.
    SW-Motech ION wide footrest kit for on/off road
    High & Wide mirrors
    Very tough & durable hand guards
    Taxed until May and it has vintage road tax so its only €26 to tax for the year.
    82k km but fully rebuilt engine last year and the bike itself rebuilt a couple of years so take the mileage with a pinch of salt!

  • Anybody selling anything soon?
    Just putting feelers out. Open to ideas.
    Just to escape the city now and then
    Ulez compliant

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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