Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • I can testify - injured a knee at footie 10 weeks ago - still not right. Bruising took 2 weeks to appear.

  • Not condoning this behaviour but modern bike performance is mental.

  • injury near or in your knees, elbows etc.

    I once read somewhere that armour on a joint can spread the impact force somewhat, so you might get a clean break next to the joint instead of a shattered joint. I've never heard of an example of this though.

  • Can confirm. For my first accident I was wearing corduroys and ski gloves. It looked like my flesh was pudding and someone had dipped into it with a little teaspoon.

  • Just taken my theory test. Booking a DAS course.

    The fact that this is the only thread on here where a clean bone break is considered a positive is making me question my mid life crisis activity of choice.

  • Good work. Don't get hung up on all the gruesome stuff. I feel far safer on a motorbike than I do on a bicycle these days and have spent the last 30 years dismounting both of them with varying degrees of elan.

  • I do go on about injury and death quite a bit, but I reckon that if I keep it front of mind and don't pretend it won't happen to me, then it probably won't happen to me. I've had many offs but never needed to get in the ambulance. Whereas bicycle crashes have given me a mashed up face and a fractured skull.

  • You should be fine. I've had plenty of small slides. I'm sure you will enjoy it massively.

    As a friend of mine told me 'you start learning to ride after you pass the test'.

  • For my first accident I was wearing corduroys and ski gloves.

    Combat trousers, t shirt and mtb gloves for me. Broke one wrist and the other and both ankles were badly sprained and a good bit of skin lost too.

  • I lost as much skin sprinting my bicycle, head on into the bus barrier on Hammersmith bridge, breaking it off and going over the bars, as I've ever lost on a motorbike. Possibly my most embarassing accident too, though in fairness that's a crowded list.

  • Agreed, I felt a lot safer on a motorbike with all the kit than bombing unknown to me hills at 80km/h in the rain at night in lycra with a bit of foam on top of my head... sheer lunacy and gives me the shivers on reflection.

  • On the topic of safety kit I'm in the market for boots...
    I'm trying to decide between two Alpinestars offerings:

    Tech 7 Enduro Drystar

    Toucan Gore-Tex

    I can't decide if the Tech 7 would just be overkill and pointless for anything other than hard-core ADV riding, they're supposed to be ok to walk in compared to proper MX boots but obviously will be a lot less comfortable than Toucan which is more of an ADV/ Touring boot...

    I'm probably going to do most of my riding on road but I really do fancy the idea of some off reading in the future and they're both spendy enough that I don't want to have to buy twice...

    I've got some Rev'it riding sneakers for very casual stuff so I don't know that I'd entirely mind the Tech 7?

  • Try the boots on before purchase. Adv/Enduro/MX all have much larger toe boxes that are impossible to shift on a regular bike.

    I wear* AlpineStar Corozal which are excellent. They broke into being very comfortable (but not Forma-level comfortable). They saved me a great deal of injury on less exciting green lanes and I’m happy with them on the road.

    But yea, stiffer the boot more impossible to shift gears.

    Tech’s are going to be overkill. Also consider the ‘adventure’ options from RST and the like. Very bulky and protective but not as stiff.

    (*I actually wear them as backup boots now, and more often for trials riding if the Oxford-brand Adventure boots are damp. On the green lanes I wear Falco enduro boots because they are taller and much stiffer.)

  • Ha thanks for the replies and encouragement everyone.

    @Jung and @nick_h. I tend to agree and it's how I've got approval (OK, reluctant resignation more than approval) from my wife with the argument that I'm more safe moving at the speed of the traffic with decent safety gear on than I am on a my push bike. I will be extremely cautious as I don't want to die any more than anyone does. That said, I'm eyeing up 600 to 900 naked bikes with ferocious lust, which is probably stupid for someone who's only experience of a motorcycle was about 12 months 32 years ago on a C70!

    @Airhead that's exactly the advice I gave my son when he passed his driving test. Thinking you know it all because you've passed a 30 min exam is the fast track to A&E.

  • Welcome to the powered two wheelers corner.
    As Airhead said, you only start learning to ride after you pass. Having done a rusty rider earlier this year the instructors were clear, the DAS only teaches you what you need to pass the test, it doesn’t teach you to be a good rider.

    To be a safer rider, I’d pay attention to the doom and gloom of nick and his raising awareness campaign on this thread, also watch this:

    its a guy called teapot one doing his bike safe course, its the commentary he has while riding that makes it valuable as a video on awareness and observation.
    The things we need to watch out for are similar to those on a cycle, it’s just we are approaching them faster so have less reaction time, positioning and being ready to brake/accelerate from trouble is even more important. Flip side, we have way more safety gear, airbags are ace, Knox urbane armoured shirts allow you to get use from your cycling gear without having to splash out on pricey bike gear (this morning at 4c I wore warm cycling gear over a Knox shirt) and was toasty.
    Enjoy your chosen lid life crisis, its cheaper than a Ferrari and can be quicker off the line.

  • Echoing similar sentiments, coming from cycling gives you a bit of an edge with the "6th sense" for twats.
    The advantage on motorbikes is they are much bigger, faster and have a light on the front at all times.
    This means fuck all to some other road users though and will still change lanes without looking, pull out on you, SMIDSY is alive and well (sadly)

    Experience is the best experience, and even the most road hardened still have to keep their wits about them.

    Do not be put off by the negativity though.
    It is more a reality check.

    It is cold, wet and miserable (I did 3 years commuting round the M25 and over the Dartford crossing, all seasons. Half decent gear helps)

    But it is fun, fast and thrilling too.

    Be sensible, you don't need a litre super bike with 150+BHP to go quick (even my old tractor of 700 was quicker off the line than most cars)

  • We need to get a forum group meet on the books at some point.
    Head to Margate for chips on the seafront or something.

  • The advantage on motorbikes is they are much bigger, faster and have a light on the front at all times

    And they usually have a fucking loud horn on them which a lot of riders under-use in the urban environment. Not sure what a motorist is going to do? give them a really long parp on the horn and make the fuckers think a bit.

  • Good point!

    When I was on lessons, I beeped someone reversing off their driveway, the instructor wet himself with glee and praised me greatly. Reckoned if it was test I'd have been given brownie points

  • Anecdata aside, motorcycling is the most dangerous mode of transport, look after yourself, ride defensively. Do have fun though

  • Kinda want an older BMW F800r.
    My dad's on about touring Europe on his own next year. I would quite like to give him some company

  • Raincoat jeans and MTB gloves for me.

    Luckily the top of the car I slid across was smooth. still broke my shoulder though.

    I still don't wear enough protective gear honestly. I always just wear jeans and MTB gloves. In my defence (I know there is no excuse) the bikes I ride now rarely go over 60.

  • If you want an off-road boot, trials and Enduro boots are great if you are learning. I always wear trials boot personally. They have good protection, but they are a lot slimmer and offer great feel. The ones you are looking at the toucan look good. Tech 7 will feel bulky I think. Try them on though and see.

  • He’s on about touring Europe on his own, take the hint.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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