Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • These are the tips that I swapped out on the Motikom btw. Much better seal and comfort.

  • Saw this in my local Tesco car park.
    Love the colour ways.

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  • All kinds of rad

  • Was riding with a mate on his Triumph earlier.

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  • CBR looks great. Are you out of the woods on the speeding tickets yet?

  • Sent a loooooooong letter to Thames Valley Police hoping for mitigating circumstances or at least to push their resources to a point that they dismiss it. Might just end up in court for the sake of the three points.

  • Sorry to hear that. I hope it works out.

  • Are you still at the stage of getting a ban with 6 points?

    What were the limits and how much were you over by?

    When I did the Bikesafe thing recently the guidance from the policeman doing the briefing was basically do not speed in 20/30/40/50 limits but get on with overtakes in NSL sections wink wink.

  • Yea until 28th September!

    I have received a FPN with 3 points+fine, pay within 28 days.

    This particular police force doesn’t provide evidence unless you challenge them and risk court and a 6 point/larger fine.

    So I wrote a long ass letter asking for all evidence and calibration certificates within 14 days, so that I can get adequate legal advice before the 28 day period is up.

    I made it clear in the letter that I don’t want to go to court and don’t want to waste time. I just want the evidence to confirm the alleged offence.

  • Cheers.

    Still getting used to the feeling of it round my neck, but it's a great bit of kit. Did a long stretch of motorway riding yesterday which really needed directions and it was so nice to not have all the wind noise.

    Also because it's not actually in your ear canals like a regular ear plug it's much more comfortable.

  • Glad you’re enjoying them.

    Worth every penny for me.

  • Sounds like you got some good advice...where from?

    Friend of mine says you can get off by claiming you didn't receive any of the letters. Or something.

  • Mine will be here next week. Kinda psyched. Cheaper than a nice Cardo set.

  • It’s made riding so much more enjoyable for me. Looking forward to hearing your review.

  • Made some ultralight side bags for the DR, for the upcoming mini TET trip. Around 800g including straps.

    Main concern is how exposed the exhaust is, and not wanting to melt the side panel.

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  • Had this exhaust heat shield for a month or so waiting to fit.

    Bent it to follow the diameter of the exhaust. Then, thanks to the completely solid tube of silicone, cut some spacers.

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  • Where on TET?

  • GWT route heading South/West from Swindon (clockwise direction), see how far we can do across a few days.

  • Ah, i just assumed more exotic in my head.

    Have fun!

  • Nice day for it, last 5 laps of Moto2 was great.

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  • Ideally more exotic in the future, but this mini-trip can test the wildcamping setup.

  • Hmm...snag number 1. Literally. They're a pain when removing helmet. Regardless of earpiece I'm using.

  • That’s annoying. I definitely can’t just remove my lid without them hurting.

    I usually take the chin strap from one side and pry the helmet away from my head and lightly pull the wire until one comes out then do the other side. Doesn’t hurt at all.

  • Tested the different setup with the mate who wants to do the 4-ish days on the GWT/TET route.

    I went for low weight, discomfort and durability. Bivi bag (non-standard 1980’s, lighter than standard military, with a DIY midge net), foam sleep mat, folded jacket as pillow.

    Mate has the Rab Ridge Raider (from a particular person on-here), inflatable pad, inflatable pillow etc.

    Both of us had the synthetic 2-season OEX EV200 bag.

    I don’t sleep well but I managed some. Totally worth it to shakedown the bags I made, and kit suitability.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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