Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • I think I've got a slow puncture on my rear tyre.

    It's has an inner tube.

    Can you remove the core and add sealent to plug it?

    Really cba to remove the tyre and take it to a shop, and don't really want to pay a shop to remove and change the tyre.


  • Close, in Devizes! Looking forward to riding the local B roads, especially around Pewsey, if I can sort the bike out.

  • Ah nice nice.

  • Yeah, you can slime it. I use it on my dirt bikes, works a treat. Take the core out, squeeze it in, pump up and ride.

  • Cheers. Ordered some, plus picking up a foot pump - the attachment on my Silca is such a ball ache.

    On tyre pressure gauges, does anyone have a digital one they'd recommend?

    I feel like I've got a a few analogue ones and no idea whether to trust them. Amazon is a classic shit show of too much choice.

  • Also has anyone had the situation where their bike feels different after not riding it for a while?

    I genuinely feel like my bike is lower than it used to be. But it's been so long since I took it for a long ride idk 🤷

  • Too many burgers? 😀😀

  • You joke, but I did wonder.

  • I tried on old shorts earlier. Burgers are to blame!!

  • I have the sks one. Works good.

  • Bit of an ordeal to get this far, but I am almost ready to leave for ABR tomorrow morning.

    Fingers crossed the insulation in the van stays up this time.

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  • I don’t see the cool box full of lager?

  • Safely stashed between bags of clothes

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  • Congrats you have achieved two wheel zen ;)

  • Omigod, Wayne Rainey rode his old GP bike at Goodwood today­oGw

  • Have fun, stay safe.

  • Man, 300 miles of California backroads in 112f heat on a 55yr Old Honda 175 is no joke. I hate it but kinda love the little cockroach for still going.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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