Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • That’s mental!! Down here in ye olde London zone 1 was £40.
    I’ve done tyre changes before and honestly, I’d rather pay these days. Like @skinny said, it’s just not worth the sweat.

  • Two years ago I swapped a tube in the rear 18” on the DR350. It was literally blood sweat and tears… and I got a pinch flat. So, process all over again a second time. Swore off doing it again if I could help it.

    Then, a few months ago I swapped a tube in the incredibly soft and gummy front on the trials bike. Still a lot of sweat, but less blood. Still wanted to cry.

    Glad my mechanics are pretty cheap for tyre fitting.

  • So time to insure again. And I fucking hate the whole insurance industry with a passion.
    Who do people use and what tier do you lot go for.
    You don’t have to say if you don’t want to.
    I’m just really fucking pissed off by the numbers I’m getting after all these years of clean riding.
    Pay monthly interest rates are fucking obscene. MCE charges 73% on your monthly rate.
    The whole insurance system seems rampantly rigged.

    On the SV I’m on bare minimum, CBR and Tiger usually fully comp, but the premiums are getting out of hand.

  • Idk if you're UK based, but Bennetts are good.

  • The old TransAlp 700 was about £95, fully comp (garaged, 6 years NC)

    1200 Explorer is ~£350 (I whacked on RAC cover too so pushed the price up a little)

    Bennetts, and I pay for the year upfront.

    I found using a comparison site helpful, then go directly to your preferred company and go again, tends to be a little cheaper.

  • The usual month before the end of the policy works.

  • As previously stated when asked, I use Bikesure. I dislike the stupid-long hold times nowadays, but otherwise the price is right. Multibike policy too.

    For trials it’s MSM. Would consider them for other bikes too as they’re a real, small, company. Probably a bit expensive compared to the big companies.

  • To loose wheels, or off the bike?

  • London rates are shit, so monthly is required. I’m on same NC as you and I’m easily £150 over you on the tiger as well.

  • I rode the bike there.

  • Try Chris Hilton from London mpr. He actually lives in Letchworth.

    07538 221234

  • Awesome, thanks a lot for this.

  • Friend with the Transit SWB just called. He FINALLY had the keys exchanged (he was waiting since 12th December). Definitely moving on Friday, definitely getting the new van on Monday. So either Sunday night or Monday morning, he said, the van will be mine.

    I’ll believe it when I see it!

    He’s had awful delays by the buyers and solicitors etc. But man, my patience was all but gone with waiting. He promised it to me definitely no later than (four weeks ago). He almost pulled out of the whole house sale because of how bad it got for him.

    Been looking at panel van conversions.

    Gonna rip out the solid bulkhead, either look for a driver-side cage or run without. It’s only carrying a bike and rarely/never any other load.

    Tempted to eventually fit some windows, but the cost, insulation, and ‘modified’ status concerns me.

    Don’t really want to go mad and spend a fortune on mods, but definitely want to reach a degree of comfort that makes it a good day-van setup with me and the bike.

  • I'm here for all the van updates. If there's somewhere else to follow progress, point me that way.

  • I’ll start a thread maybe. Didn’t seem worth starting until the van is in my possession

  • Do you even forum, bro?

  • a good day-van setup

    Two camp chairs, a portable stove and a plug in cooler box that doubles as a table and you’re sorted.

  • Okay okay. If all goes well and I own it on Monday, I’ll start a thread.

    Got plans, yo.

  • Ebay special arrived. Might have some new gifs soon.

    Need a mount for the trials helmet still though.

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  • Went for Devitt in the end. Same price as you, but opted out of breakdown.
    Will get quick start for euro and UK breakdown.

  • Yea, nah. These replacement forks aren’t gonna cut the mustard.

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  • Get a 0% credit card for it so you can do annual?

    Edit seen you got some. 350 is good for a year on a big bus.

  • First time with a gopro back on the helmet, testing it ready for greenlane nonsense.

    Lots of footage that sadly got lost before it could incriminate me, and now this first wonderful example of organ donation.

    Not amazingly clear but he was banking so tight that he nearly clipped the bonnet.

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  • Silly

  • So Dr600 running road tyres.....should I

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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