Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Did someone knick your clocks?

  • That's really shitty if the case.

  • As long as you like it fuck what anyone else thinks.

  • Yup. Ripped the fucker right out. Fucking irritating as even with new clocks, mileage won’t match.

  • There’s a spate of it. Apparently the latest GS lcd is super popular.

    What are the chance you’ll end up buying it back from a guy on eBay?

    Well shit.

  • Firstly that is utterly shit.

    You can get the mileage adjusted to be correct.

    But what am I missing in the value of the clocks as I though modern bikes had to have clocks program matched to the ecu and immobiliser?

  • They must be hackable. You can probably buy a hacking kit on the dark web. Yet another case of the motor industry being crap at anti-theft. Like when Range Rover locks could be hacked.

  • Damn that is batshit crazy. Sorry mate, what a bloody drag.

  • So was chatting to the recovery guy and he recovered a GS today for same reasons.
    I had no idea but forum search yielded this issue since Tiger 800’s came to. Same with GS’s to a degree.

    @lynx I’m not sure if they have to be programmed to talk to each other. Might just be plug and play, albeit with fucky mileage.

    @Jung that’s it innit. Fucking drag of it all. Interesting as the fucker knew exactly what they were doing. Balls to it all.

  • Anyone want to chat about cars?😁

    See car thread for further info.

  • Hahahaha, any recommendations for a bike that can carry a wardrobe... or might just get a van? 😅

  • Agreed, a lot of bike chat considering we've decided they're rubbish and too dangerous :)

  • Van life is the logical progression

  • Hahaha. It was just getting good!

    I think my red bike has healed itself. Gave it a good hundred mile rag on sunday and it was faultless. Italians. Fickle.

  • Treat em mean…

  • When they started mentioning a Fireblade as if it's an option for cheap speed, a sort of bargain sports car...I couldn't help myself.

  • This is all getting strange. Some one I know, via the ducati forums, had his brembo radial calipers and radial master cylinder stolen. The braided lines were just cut cleanly too.

  • Yeah, maybe I should stop adding to it.

  • Part of me still wants a motorbike engined car, mainly for the sequential box.

  • Fucked up, but makes sense. They go for a fair bit of cash and are near impossible to track.

    Same way whole front end is stolen on bikes. See that weekly.

  • So are we at the stage we need to deal with the people buying the stolen stuff?.

  • Or we could get all the bits security-marked.

  • Yeah as that has worked.

    See datatag and smart water as examples.

    EDIT: My bitching as marked bikes parts never appeared

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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