Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • It's also a Ducati of a certain age so this was bound to happen sooner or later. I hope the fix is easy. I'm having some charging circuit worries as I mentioned in the battery chat. I still can't rule out the Lithium battery.

  • Sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs, but you got the eletrex fault finding guide?

  • No, I've been following the service manual and Snowbum.

    Do you have a link to the guide?

    Check Snowbum out on alternators though, he goes into insane depth about everything R80 related.­tALT.htm

  • Need to get a new battery for my scooter that I use once every couple weeks.

    Should I get a cheap AGM battery at £25 quid or spend a little extra and get a motobattery at £42. I was gonna get a lithium battery for it but I’d need to buy a special charger and can’t be bothered dropping that much for it!

    Anyone more clued up than myself on Batterys

  • Which ever has the longest warranty ;)

    People not had much luck with motobat recently.

  • Great first real life review on a motobatt

  • I've not used motobatt myself, but from experience of motobat users on a few motorbike forums of when the battery fail with in the time an AGM battery lasts.

    Then motobatt customer services can leave much to be desired.

  • I’ll probs just buy the cheap battery then and risk it.

  • Do you mtb? I found the cross over really interesting. And actually riding the dirt bike helped me a lot with front wheel confidence on the mtb.

    I must say, if you like dirt bike, mtb is so good. I tend to always pick up mtb over dirt bike and ride a lot of enduro mtb trails now. Same sort of thril.

  • I've not had any issues with my motobatt, other than when it's been left for a long time without use or being trickle charged. Got it because it's got more cranking amps and my triumph needs a few so often wouldn't start if it had been left for a bit.

    For my 125cc I used to buy the cheapest battery I could find. The motobatt has lasted longer than the cheap ones.

    If I was leaving a bike unridden for 1-2wks without being left on a trickle charger then I'd spend the extra £20.

    Edit: so checking this thread it's 3yrs old. So I can't comment if they've changed in that time. It held well over the beginning of lockdown when I basically stopped using my bike.

  • Do you mtb?

    No, but it's kind of how all this started. I priced up what I thought would be a decent mtb (£2k?) and preffered to put this into a motorbike. For me the spannering is part of the enjoyment so made sense. Your typical pub maths basically. Interesting to hear this as no doubt I'll get a mtb at some point.

  • You'd get a very decent enduro bike on the 2nd hand market for 2 grand.

  • If I aint gonna use it, I would usually disconnect the battery in the scooter.

  • With prices like they are that seemed to mean getting a XR400R instead of a CRF450L.

  • Mmmmmmmm no. No you wouldn’t.

    Edit: or you mean enduro mtb??

  • Mmmmm yes you would. Yeah enduro MTB. Motocross bikes since the pandemic are fucking stupid money

  • You can’t find MTBs for love or money here. Secondhand prices are even more bonkers than dirt bikes. I wanted to buy a good, HT play bike last year and it was impossible to find anything.

    I don’t get a lot of cross over aside from how grippy knobblies are. I like both - plus for pedal power is that we have outstanding trails just 20mins up the road and packing in and out is easier.

    Dirt bikes are in a different league of excitement for me. I suspect some of that is a bit dependent on where you ride though. If all you’ve got it gnarly single track, they’d be a lot closer save for the uphills.

  • Enduro Mtb's the prices on the high end stuff really isn't there as much anymore from looking about all the time. MX is still fuckin covid pricing in the UK now for stuff that really aint worth it.

  • Yeah - luckily I bought my dirt bikes years ago, so am sorted there. Both are 20+ years old now but still great.

    Bicycle ditch is trickier - I’ve got an old Rocky Mountain dual suspension bike I bought cheap. It goes downhill great but is an absolute bear going up. Lost interest really.

  • And you bought them bikes new.....coz U iz old fam.

  • Chatting to battery people, seems that the motobatt is an AGM battery made in china copy of the oddessey battery. There are issues with fakes, or batteries that failed spec entering the supply chain.

  • Haha - if I’d owned them from new, they’d be in boxes by now…if they were lucky!

  • New slip on for the street triple- sounds so much better. Should have done a before and after I suppose.

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  • Moneybags! Baller pipe.

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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