Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • I love that 900ss - top ripping spin around the mountains today. Perfect weather, empty roads. Delightful.

  • Spotted yesterday - one of the coolest old bikes I’ve seen for ages. Knucklehead (I think) in a Norton frame.

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  • Finally. An advert that speaks to me, and my love of fried chicken.

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  • Rolled the drz out of hibernation

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  • Took me too long to put the chicken strips connection together.

  • If Carlsberg did bike rides...

  • Was good. Until I tried to come down and my headlight decided not to work. Good thing I had my exposure headtorch, worked well as a headlight.

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  • Nice! Really looks a lot like southern California.

  • Choice loop out again today on the GSXR. Empty, fast, twisties. High 70s. New brake pads. Speed! S22s got a good workout. Just a joy!

  • Every time you roll out a photo, I think I start thinking about moving to LA. stunning.

  • I’m getting back into 2 wheels after a 20 year lay off , hired a scooter on Ischia last year , came home and bought a Vespa .
    Love it ,but I’m tempted by bigger bikes again .
    Last fast bike I had was a Ducati 916, I got knocked off by a neighbour and really no desire or talent to properly enjoy a sports bike .
    I was thinking a moto Guzzi V7 ( anyone got one)or BMW URBAN GS or as a mate of mine on the same track has done an interceptor 650.
    Any suggestions ?

  • Don't even need to move that far.

    Do it though.

  • What will you use it fir?

  • The Urban GS looks great. Took my R80/7 to Surrey and back yesterday. It's 40 years old and half the power of the modern RNinety but I find it's enough. I don't get into deserted countryside though, maybe it's worth having the extra power but it can go wrong pretty quickly.

    I would want an RNinety version with a bubble screen or S screen, I think that's a must in this typeof bike. Full naked or the tiny screen the Urban GS has are too bare for me, cornering at speed is much nicer with an S fairing. The bike feels way more stable on fast dual carriageways and it's less tiring on motorways although I don't ride them much anymore.

    I've had the R80 for nearly 20 years and can see why people wouldn't buy one, there's so much work that needs doing to get an old one into good shape. I do look at the Moto Guzzi with interest but Guzzi riders I've talked to have always been very upfront that they see the BMW as a better bike. It doesn't look better in my eyes but BMW quality was fantastic in the 70's and still decent now.

  • The other thing I'd say is important is the modern boxer engine power delivery is incredible, linear and effortless. Used to hit the limiter all the time. The older engine has a light aircraft vibe about it, power delivery is much more musical and engaging. Low idling and relaxed low revs for getting round town which the modern engines can have issues with.

    I think a decent engine tone and power curve that works for your riding is paramount when you're not looking to get your knee down anymore.

  • I saw one of the black and yellow R9T’s out yesterday with the little nose cone fairing. Great looking bike. Best looking BMW I’ve seen for a while.

  • Had this one as a loan bike recently for the 1250 service.

    Loads of fun around town but fucking miserable above 55 and the seat was horribly uncomfortable.

    Definitely agree they’re good looking things.

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  • Definitely better looking than the 70's varieties. Most BMW's it doesn't seem like they even tried to make them look good. The Triumph Speed Twin looks decent too.

  • I had an R 80 gs years ago then an 1150 gs , but they and their modern day versions are everywhere.. no doubt popular because they are so capable .
    But I want a characterful retro style naked ( I can add a little fairing) that will take the occasional pillion and perhaps take me on a gentleman’s paced euro tour .
    I want it all , I know .
    That royal Enfield gets great reviews and I love a twin , but I’ve never had a parallel, any experience of one on here , my mate in Spain loves his

  • They do look good

  • I would think a gentleman would travel with luggage. I suppose the Urban GS has some available. I've not had any need for the GS range, aside from rarity in the older models I'm not sure what drives the fascination with the GS version. Never even ridden one!

  • Couldn't have asked for a better morning to get lost in Cambridgeshire. Think I've found a new favourite green lane. Standing up is starting to feel more natural although gear changes still need work. Lots of rear wheel movement as expected and even a couple of times when it happened on purpose. Decided to head home before things got out of hand.

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  • lost in Cambridgeshire

    Anything suitable for a GS?

  • Hmm might depend on how much nerve you have. I think it could do it but probably best to go with someone else, which I realise is always good advice. Just shout if you get curious, walking it might make up your mind. The lane is the only boat in Eynesbury Hardwicke if of interest.

  • Thanks - that's interesting.

    Currently rocking Conti TrailAttack 3s which are probably not suitable for green lanes at this time of the year.

    Really wish people would stop having fun on these. Going to have to look at a dirt bike at some point...

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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