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  • Tarmac duo in repose. Really happy with these two, they’re both going great at the moment. One tiny niggle of a hanging idle when hot on the Duc I should probably investigate….

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  • Will the Ducati ever get a lower fairing? Can't quite unsee the floating look of the front screen/fairing

  • Nah I really like it like that - it's a handsome lump of an engine.

  • floating look

    Decepticon mid-transform.

  • They look a great combination - very nice

  • Anybody interested in a pair of sidi vortice boots, in fantastic condition. Size 43 but come up small like there cycling shoes so Uk 8’s. Would like £125 inc delivery

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  • If only you posted these last week.

  • Bought a new lid, AGV AX-9, to replace my aging AX-8.

    I do not remember the AX8 being this snug.
    Fresh padding does make a difference!

    (it was "half" price on AGV site, £185 instead of £370, no-one pays RRP, but I couldn't find one less than £200, although the grey and yellow was the only colour at that price. Not sure if the other lids are considered bargains)

  • Nice!

    I got my latest Shoei at a monster discount because of a rather challenging, garish 90s colour scheme....I'm shameless when it comes to motorcycle clothing and quite like it. Your grey and yellow is positively met ball elegant by comparison!

  • Anybody want my old motorcycle jacket, I’ve bought a replacement. Wound suit someone just starting out - has elbow and shoulder armour.
    Zip pull currently utilises key ring and one of the poppers on the arm is broken.
    Would like postage costs covering if anybody wants it

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  • Banging. Loving the colour match too.
    Exhaust on the gxxer looks proper tidy. Really need summat similar in my life.
    Suddenly dislike short loud pipes.

    Rebuilt the throttle bodies on the SV recently and took it for a day run. Still makes me crack up. Pinged off the red line way too often, gotten too used to an i4 lump.

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  • Ta mate - it's a Leo Vinci full system, surprisingly quiet which I like. I don't ride it in traffic, so don't need max DB to cut through the wednesday weed fog on the 101.

    SV looks a proper laugh. Light, good handling, not too powerful, my favorite recipe!

  • Turns out that GPX600R was the guy’s wife’s bike. It’s gone and I’ll probably never see it again. Sad bike noises.

    Massive issues with the pumper carb on the DR. I think I messed up and damaged inside when trying to adjust the main jet needle. Idle hangs at 2k then drops to 1.5k on its own accord. Weird lean/airleak type hang, but not.

    Pumpers are a bitch.

  • I’ve got the same on the Duc when it’s hot at the moment. You have to stall it down with the clutch, then it’s fine. I suspect the pilot might be a touch lean. It’s annoying for sure!

  • Infuriating.

    All I wanted to do was adjust the main jet needle clip to try resolve the flat spot until I get some new jets (it’s running lean) and I think that I damaged something in the carb. It was a ballache to disassemble and some parts were made of stale cheese.

    I’m away for a few days so thinking to put the CV carb back on next week when I get home, and then think about next steps.

    Maybe I was spoilt by how dead simple the PWK28 is on the Sherco, that I forgot how messy the Mikuni’s can be if you don’t act like a surgeon.

  • After the knackered engine on the 'new' street triple my old one left me stranded at the weekend!

    riding along and it cut out and then wouldn't start (flat battery) - swapped the batter over to a new one and it got me home 5 miles before it flattened the new one.

    recharged the battery and checked the voltage:-

    12.79V no key
    12.04V key in -lights on
    11.92V running but doesn't change when the revs are increased.

    Anybody got any tips before a set them both on fire and go back to Hondas?!

  • Triumph charging systems can be suspect - probably regulator/rectifier but check the condition of your generator - usually just under a cover at the base and left of your engine - if the copper windings are blackened you'll need to check it's viability but its probably toast. Likely this is OK though and you'll just need to replace your reg/reg. Get a MOSFET one from people like Electrex or When fitted recheck - you should be getting a healthy 13 plus at least on tickover.

  • thanks that's useful, I'll pop the cover off and check the condition of the generator first

  • Ah I thought you fitted a Keihin FCR? I agree though, they are complicated little sods. I'm not enthusiastic about doing the ones on the Duc. It's doubly annoying as the throttle response is fantastic, the hanging idle is the only bug. I was thinking the other day while riding the GSXR that the transition between on and off the throttle when you're making adjustments mid-corner is way nicer on the carbs.

  • Mikuni TM33-8012

  • Ah....look at it this way, at least you only have one to worry about. :)

  • Found the problem - burnt out connector. Problem is I’m not sure which wire goes where, however looking at the wiring diagram it doesn’t appear to matter.
    Is that correct?
    Going crimp/solder/ heat shrink the joints

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  • Whilst we’re on the subject of electrics.

    Had a tinker with the recovered 125.
    It will now turn on when using the battery from my current runner. However it won’t start (just turns over)
    What should I be checking next?

  • I’ve noticed an ‘issue’ (quirk) with my Suzuki’s that you can turn the key almost the whole way and it’s enough to turn the starter but not fire the coil.

    Double check that there’s a spark when the starter is turning. Try to bump it? See if a running bump will start.

  • Odd, so how do you work around that just force the key further? It’s a brand new ignition barrel so I doubt that’s the issue anyway.

    Yeah I need to get hold of the spark plug, another suggestion was to check the fuse but would any of the electrics work at all without that?

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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