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  • Yes, but my memories of London from that time are getting a bit dim! I used to be all over London for breakers and parts shops. I only ever bought 1 bike from a dealer though, that's how tight I am. I've probably told this story before but I bought my first TZR from a crack house around midnight Christmas eve!

    I avoided the 400 4 stroke class because of the 250 2 strokes. The few 400 4's I rode were lovely though. Just didn't have the silly 2 stroke power band :)

  • I remember BAT. I had a friend with a breakers in Penge up the road so used to go in there a bit. My mate bought the sweetest little Yamaha SDR200 from them. My sister had a 400 fetish - she's had multiple NC30s and FZR400 (she preferred the FZRs, I liked the Hondas.) They handle fabulously but are not exciting like the 250 two strokes. I can't believe how much all that stuff sells for now!

    @Airhead - that's class!

  • I think I might buy this used engine, sound ok?

  • Hey Dude. If I were you, I wouldn't buy another engine until you've pulled the one you've got and had someone take a look. It might be a cheaper fix than you think.

    Either way, you're still going to have to take the old one out.

  • My logic in replacing the engine was based on the tech who viewed the bike would charge £300-£500 and 1-2 months to strip the engine down. Best case then would be new head gasket and rebuild back up - another £300.
    The engine in the video is approximately £1800 plus the guy who works on my car/van would swap the engine in a couple of days for £200 ( I know he swapped the engine in his RS3 so he’s up to the task)
    I could then either sell the knackered engine as it is or get it repaired and sell.
    There’s seem to be very few 2017-2019 r engines for sale.

    Am I being silly?

  • Your maths is skewed a bit because you're not dropping the engine yourself and opening it up in the next couple of days. Waiting 1-2 months for a verdict would be very painful. You're probably still getting a decent bike for the money right? The current engine should fetch something in spares.

    Seems like you're doing what you can with the time/tools you have available, better options are available if you're set up for engine work. I can only do bikes at home because I've no garage workshop to take a car block out so I've made similar choices with cars. It stings but putting it down to experience is probably the best approach.

  • Probably will work out to a similar price I could have bought a ‘normal’ bike with similar miles so not the end of the world.

    I have two garages one is full of house stuff and 14 bikes and the other is my workshop and temporary motorbike store

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  • Nice workshop. Mine looks very 'artisan' by comparison. You must be making quite a bit to want/need the kit, it's pretty bulky right?

  • I just got my mitre saw back from the recall work. It took 3 months. Only the early ones were affected apparently.

  • Thanks, it’s even messier than normal!

    Just a hobby, arch tech is the proper job

  • Mines one of the later ones, 3 months is a fair length of time to be without a mitre saw!

  • Damn, nice shop! - you've loads of room in there to swap an engine. I'd get to dropping the old one. Find a decent local shop or even the local Triumph dealer and see how much they want to strip and check it, it shouldn't be loads. 3-500 sounds about right. Shove it in the boot of the car and drive it over.

    If it's fucked (and by that I mean repair is significantly greater than the cost of a new engine,) get another, otherwise, get it rebuilt properly and keep the bike numbers matching but with a fresh lump. GBP1800 should still buy quite a LOT of engine work.

  • £1800 plus... £200

    What will it be worth after? Bearing in mind the CAT# plus non-matching numbers?

    I know it's not always the best way to look at it, but imo £1k on fixing the old matching engine is better than £2k on a new engine. But even if it were £2k vs £2k I think you'll have more residual value come sale time.

  • Good points, its classed as a Cat N which I'm guessing would value you at approx £1k less than non categorised one.
    Not sure if none matching numbers would make any difference due to if/when I came to sell it I would have to explain/prove the reason it was a write off was due to engine not bodywork, etc therefore the new engine.

    I'm also being impatient and looking for the easier/quick option which might not necessarily be the right one, I could have the engine delivered next week and swapped next weekend

    Any engine expert know what would be the worst case scenario with the engine? valves bent? etc

    Appreciate the input

  • Can you swap the engine, whilst you are not out enjoying the striple, repair the old one at your leisure.
    Reinstall once fixed and then flog the non-matched one (that you put a few miles into)

  • Oops.

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  • Those boots!

  • that would be ideal if I had the time, we have four children 8 and under and realistically its not going to happen.

    Been trying to find motorcycle engine rebuilder and its not easy (lots for cars) - the couple I've found are quoting at least 2 months till they could look at it.

    I forgot to mention that the tech who visited was concerned about the noise the engine made when the clutch was released. One of the rebuilder mentioned this could be potential damage to crankshaft bearings? (I may have got this wrong)

  • That’s so, so nice! Fair price too, looks mint.

  • 24MX special. Got them slightly reduced. Couldn’t resist Power Ranger boots. As a man, I feel confident wearing candy pink. I think?

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  • They are great, I'd wear that colour.

    Currently looking at new boots, but no need for anything as industrious.

  • Well they are very, very stiff. My well-worn AStar Corozals are like slippers in comparison. Against a rock solid set of pure MX boots they are quite flexy.

    On the green lanes they were comfortable, but shifting dexterity suffered.

    That slide along the clay track was at 30mph more or less - I’d clocked the speed and decided to slow down just before taking my eye off the ball.

    My main injury was the luggage rack hitting/pinching my leg against the ground and dragging me along. So, the boots were supportive enough to avoid lower leg injury, just the fleshy exposed bit of my leg got hurt. But also, the boots anchored me to the bike meaning I was dragged with it maybe?

    The boots provided a lot more support than I’d assumed. Immediately I got up and the muscle was clearly cramping and sprained/torn/damaged.

    I stretched, got the bike upright and just carried on. At the mechanics I had a chat and walked around mostly without a limp.

    However, once I got home and released the buckles, my leg turned to jelly. Undone I felt a massive loss of support and strength. I am so surprised just how much they helped.

  • @pryally - on balance it sounds like the engine swap is the way to go.

    Do it.

  • The only things that are REALLY expensive or impossible to fix would be a catastrophic failure of some sort. Rod through the cases type stuff. After that, the most frustrating would probably be a bent rod (from hydrolock) damaging one of the bores. They're likely integral to the top case and would have to be sent away to be re-nicosiled and machined. You'd need all new pistons, etc. Personally, I think if you had a bent rod, the engine would barely run and sound like purest death if it did.

    After that, you might have a warped head from overheating which you could either skim (more hp too) or replace with a used one. Both pretty simple and cheap. New crank bearings is no biggie - they're just shells.

    Have you drained the oil and cut open the filter to see how much / if any metal is in there? Do that first at least!

    Could you ride that one that works over winter while you have the engine fixed up and flog it in the spring. You'd probably get more cash for it too then?

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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