Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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  • Unlikely to be consistent. Some independents will be more keen to make a deal, some main dealers will have volume on their side and price accordingly.

    Best thing to do would be to search around for offers. Honda tend to do standard offers across the board so you may just have to phone a few and see what they can do.

  • Much appreciated, an official Honda dealer is just down the road so will enjoy seeing how the other half buy bikes as opposed to in pub car parks. Will see what the indies say compared, ta!

  • 170 mile round trip to get a chip butty in Weston Super Mare via every possible detour and wobbly road (well, Cheddar and shit).

    I shouldn’t knock this bike, it just keeps on keeping on.

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  • Getting straight back on the horse as they say.

    Bought my second motorbike on Friday.
    I didn’t think I’d be doing that quite so soon!

    This one now has an alarmed disc lock and a ground anchor and is out of sight so 🙏🤞

    Rode it 120miles from Northampton where I picked it up which was actually not that bad and it happily plods along.

    Already had an issue due to the previous owner’s “mechanic” fitting the wrong regulator and a battery that didn’t fit the cradle.
    2 hours after I got it home I noticed the battery was warm and rather swollen.
    Luckily a local shop happened to have the right bits and got it back up and running yesterday.

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  • Sorry to hear about the theft although great you're already back up and running.

  • Yeah not had much luck, but hopefully that's ended now!

  • Alarmed disc locks a real good idea - hopefully not too sensitive.

  • In every dream home…

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  • Two too many…

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  • Someone’s 50cc two-smoker was at the mechanics today getting a bit of work done. Rekindled my desire for a midi moto for go-kart tracks

  • Some Ducati spots from Saturday in Dublin.

    The 1299 is a proper wild colour in real life, incredibly vibrant and flashy!

    Tacked on at the end is my Suzuki TU250GB which I've been messing about with modifying despite still not having gotten around to getting my license for yet. Will do soon though, wedding and house buying/ renovating are getting closer to completion which will give a. chance to get it sorted!

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  • The 998S is hot - I’d love one of those. What did they do to that poor 999 though?

    Had a cracking ride on the old bike today. New clip ons are a bit low and comfort has suffered but they feel good in the twisties. I might look for some an inch higher.

    There’s a sweet spot in second, where you can nail the throttle off the apex and it wheelies while still cranked as you transition upright. I’d feel bad but it seems to thrive on a good spanking. Impossible to weary of the soundtrack.

  • This one's at a dealer 5 mins from my house. I enjoyed the R80 so much on the last ride I stopped thinking Ducati but @Jung keeps making me reconsider!­hash=item1ac40bc823:g:YU4AAOSwBSlhGoJ1

  • Extended Ulez arrival bothers me although I assume it's possible to get a pass for it. I'd have to do some searching to find out how easy that is or not.

  • I am considering trading up the TransAlp.
    What should I be looking at that is tall, upright and has a bit more oomph than a 60bhp 700 vtwin?

    Was really tempted with a Honda Crosstourer (1200cc VFR based tourer) but might be too much for 95% of my usage*

    *sat in a garage mostly, popping to the shops. Occasionally used for cross country jaunts.

  • Exactly the reason I removed the battery from my 180 euro Abus disc lock...... fucking thing is too sensitive, can hardly manage to lock it up without it engaging the alarm.

  • How much cash?

    I will default to my 990 smt, unless you've cash for something newer.

  • One step closer to sitting in traffic. The only reason I’m going down this route is for a van to carry the bikes in!

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  • Priorities right there, congrats!

  • Saw the aftermath of a bike accident right outside work last week, it’s freaked me out a bit. The guy looked ok but was in the road for 2 hours and got air-ambulanced away eventually. I’m not first aid trained so left it to our staff who are.
    Without apportioning blame, it’s a NSL road with lots of industrial units and turn offs on both sides of the road and a destination at the end - it’s surprising more accidents don’t happen there, especially with people who don’t know the road but it’s making me question riding.

  • Budget is probably about the eBay 990 you also posted, so will watch / add an alert.
    Need to move mine on first to part-fund the new one.

  • Found an Adventure 990, rather than the supermoto.
    It is so hideous, it might be wonderful

  • Just put it in your back pocket along with all the other experiences you acquire. Be informed, not scared, by it.

  • KTM 990 is a monster. Incredibly capable in any setting, from what I have witnessed with Francois driving it. (It’s hidden behind the DR in this photo, oops!)

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Motorcycle and Scooter appreciation

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